Read Write Inc. Phonics (RWI)

Here are a selection of useful links and resources to help your child with learning  and remembering the sounds they need to help with reading and writing.


Links to purchase Set 2+3 sound cards.

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Daily Speed sounds lessons - YouTube

Which Sounds lesson should my child watch?

Video Group RWI Teacher
Set 1 sounds lesson A + B + C + ditty Mrs Moseley, Mrs Bogalski
Set 2 sounds lesson Red, green, purple, pink, 


Mrs Nash, Miss Bifield, Mrs Coolbear, Mrs Lake, Miss Rees/Miss Harper

Set 3 sounds lesson orange, yellow, blue, grey


Mrs Baker, Mrs Jones, Mrs Cox


What if they find the sounds too easy?

If your children find the level suggested too easy, get them to try the next level up sounds lesson.

Sound Chart with pictures

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Sound Sheets

Real and Alien Words

 Real and Alien Words
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