Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Hello, we are the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for Fairfields Primary School. 

We want to make the school a better place by helping reduce bullying and support other children.


Here we are!

We have created a Fairfields SIX bullying charter. 



 Fairfields SIX Bullying Charter



When being bullied make sure you tell an adult you trust and feel comfortable telling



Feel empathy and only treat others as you wish to be treated. Think before you speak or move.



Check your behaviour – if you are not sure, ask an adult.


Make sure you don’t use bad language or words negative to people’s sexuality, religion or gender.



Don’t retaliate



If you see someone being bullied, don’t be a bystander.



Most bullies have heard or seen something that makes them act how they act. Try speaking to them calmly, if they carry on, tell an adult immediately.