What is the Thrive Approach?

Thrive is a dynamic approach being used in our school as a way of supporting children and young people’s social and emotional development. This approach can support children and young people, who may have struggled with difficult life events, to help them re-engage with life and learning.

Thrive uses a mixture of online assessments and classroom observations to identify what social and emotional areas your child needs support with. The Thrive Approach then provides us with age-appropriate tasks that are suited to a child’s developmental needs. We use Thrive’s play-and arts based activities, with the aim of supporting children’s emotional literacy and enable them to better access their learning. These activities are sometimes completed 1:1, in small groups or as part of the class.

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How we are using the Thrive Approach


At Fairfields, we provide support to children through a variety of interventions. Some of which include:

  • Support within the classroom through whole class Thrive activities
  • Small group thrive activities 
  • Individual and targeted Thrive interventions


Thrive activities


During the Thrive sessions, there will be an activity such as: 

  • Story telling

  • Circle games

  • Arts and crafts

  • Sand play

  • Movement and relaxation

  • Hand and foot massage

  • Cooking and preparing food

  • Role play and puppet work

  • Games

  • Emotional literacy


Home based Thrive activities

Below are a number of activities that can also be used to help your child regulate, if they are showing distressed behaviour. These can also promote positive mental health.

Thrive general activities


Thrive strategies

The VRFs are one strategy that is used to support children when they are dysregulated. Please click here to find out more.


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