Pupils as Leaders

The Womble Team

The Womble Team ensure that the school and playground are clean and tidy. They use the litter pickers to collect rubbish on the playground at break time and at the end of lunch. They also need to check and tidy the lost property area.  They will need to report to Miss Stapleton each day on a rota for one day a week.


Young Interpreters

The Young Interpreters help children in the school who are learning how to speak and write in English. They work alongside them in the classroom to help them to learn English, and are led by Mrs Coolbear.



The librarians work in pairs at lunchtime to put books in the correct place and to keep the library tidy.


Health and Safety Team

The health and safety team work with Mr Carter and Miss Stapleton to check that the school is safe by doing regular walks around the school to look for hazards, and monitor the ‘near miss’ books in classrooms to check for hazards.  You will need to meet once a month with Miss Stapleton and Mr Carter and conduct site walks.

Fruit Monitors

Fruit monitors collect the fruit delivery from the kitchen each morning and deliver it to Foundation Stage and Year 1 and 2 classrooms for break time. They need to remove any old fruit too and keep the fruit area tidy.


Assembly Monitors

Assembly monitors help set up the hall in the morning for assembly, mainly making sure that the music theme is chosen for the week and displayed and is ready to play. An interest in different types of music would be desirable.


School Council Representatives

School Councillors help to shape the future of our school.  You need to be confident at speaking in front of others with a loud voice.  Reliable and able to turn up to meetings on time.  You also need to be willing to stay behind school at times to help with fundraising etc.  You need to be a good listener and be able to take other people’s ideas on board.


To be given any of these jobs, you need to be able to prove that you display the core values of our school.