How we teach your child to write

What is Standard Task?

Standard Task is a series of independent writing opportunities that we have introduced this year to help us monitor and assess writing in the whole school.  Children are given a different writing task every short term (covering a wide range of genres) with an interesting hook or challenge to get them excited about writing – for example, the fabricated event of Miss Dillon’s disappearance.  

How is it assessed?

Children write a Standard Task every short term which is then assessed by the class teachers using our assessment grids (click on the links below to see these grids). These grids are broken down into grammar and punctuation objectives for every year group. Please see below the display posters with an example for every focus in the grid. These criteria have been based on the National Curriculum objectives. Year 2 and Year 6 use the Interim Framework (links below) instead of the Standard Task grids to assess the children. This enables them to work towards and meet the Statutory Requirements at the end of the year.  



FS Assessment grid

Year 1 Assessment grid

Year 2 Assessment grid

Year 3 Assessment grid

Year 4 Assessment grid

Year 5 Assessment grid


KS1 interim framework 

KS2 interim framework


Our handwriting paper

Grammar objectives and examples


Punctuation objectives and examples