Celebrating Our Community

We love to celebrate the work of our pupils in school at Fairfields. This page has been created to celebrate the work of the children in the wider community, outside school hours.  

If your child has anything they would like to share and celebrate with us on this website page, please email in the details, and a photo if you are happy for us to attach it to this webpage, to admin@fairfields.hants.sch.uk

Please scroll down to see what the children have been up to. We are very proud of them all and we are sure you will be too!

Week beginning Monday 3rd Jul 2023

Samuel and his under 10 team had an amazing tournament yesterday, getting all the way to the final of the plate and losing out to controversial penalties. Well done wizard reds.

Well done Samuel- what an amazing achievement. We are very proud of you and can't wait to hear about your future matches too. 

Henry has competed in tournaments the last 2 weekends. He and his under 6 team have played amazingly during both tournaments. This weekend they finished top of their group with 10 goals scored and only 2 goals conceded. Henry made some great saves at both.

Well done Henry- what a great couple of weeks you have had. You should be very proud of yourself and your team. Well done!

Week beginning Monday 5th June 2023

Jessica in year 3 has raised and released 10 painted lady caterpillars over the last month.Jessica is very passionate about animals and has been doing this for the last few years. Since 2021 she has raised and released 25 butterflies and will be continuing to do so up until the end of September when they migrate to warmer climates.Jessica is very proud of her achievement and attached are some pictures of the caterpillars when they arrived, when they went into the chrysalis and when they became butterflies.

Well done Jessica- what a brilliant achievement and it is so lovely to hear about your kindness towards nature. Great work- we are proud of you too. 

Week beginning Monday 22nd May 2023

Penny took part in The Big Sleep Out last Friday for a charity called Julian House. She had to sleep outside without a tent for a night to raise money and awareness for homeless people. So far she’s raised over £700. She loved doing it, and she wanted to do it again the next week, which we discouraged! When we see a homeless person in town she tells them all about The Big Sleep Out, and has given them her pocket money before. 

Well done Penny. What an incredible thing to do to help others. We are all very proud of you. 

Week beginning Monday 8th May 2023

On the 29th April Henry and his team competed in their first football tournament, which also happened to be their first ever competitive match. They played amazing and got to the final in the Europa League. They came 2nd by 1 point. 
Well done Henry! What an amazing achievement. Keep up the great work and we look forward to hearing how you get on in the finals. 

Week beginning Monday 17th April 2023

Poppy in Budapest class would like to share her proud achievement from this past Saturday (15th of April), where she has been wombling in the surrounding communities. The pictures were taken at a Paintball site (Red Alert airsoft and paintball Newbury) where she bravely marched through rough terrain to pick up A LOT of rubbish discarded by players. It was an active game site on the day so safety was extremely important, hence the full face protection. She did such a good job all the staff have invited her attend anytime to help again.
Well done Poppy- we are very proud of you for doing such an amazing thing for your local community. Great work!

Week beginning Monday 29th March 2023

Both Sophie and Melvin have attended the Pianoforte and Strings sections of the Basingstoke Music and Art Festival 2023. Melvin won the Debbie Fuller Cup with Commended in the “Grade 4 Class” of the Pianoforte section. He also got second place with Commended in “Violin Solo - 9 Years Class”.Sophie got Second place in the “Grade 5 Class” of the Pianoforte section as well as Second place with Distinction in the “Junior Recital - 13 Years & Under Class” of the String section.Sophie and Melvin have also played together in the “Duet - 11 Years and Under Class” of the String section. Although they are the only participants in this class this year, the adjudicator awarded them Merit with 83 marks!

Well done Sophie and Melvin. We are so proud of you both. What an amazing day you had and a super achievement! Congratulations. 

Week beginning Monday 20th February 2023

Methuki in Year 2 has great enthusiasm for dancing and she is taking ballet, tap and modern dance lessons. 
She participated for the Medal Test - 2022 and she won a Medal in Ballet with highest commendation on 06th November 2022. She received both Medal and a Certificate. 
Well done Methuki- what an amazing talent and lovely photos. Well done on your achievements and thank you for sharing them with us. 

Lexi and Poppy both play for the girls Under 7's Chineham Tigers Football team.

This weekend they attended a Football festival at Winklebury Football Complex. The team played spectacularly. Lexi scored 5 goals overall and Poppy 4. Parents and coaches are really proud of them both.
Well done girls- what an amazing achievement and so many goals! We love your medals too! Well done. 

Week beginning Monday 6th February 2023

Emilia took part today in a 24 hour silence. She managed to raise a fantastic £429 for the Butterfly Thyroid cancer charity. 
Well done Emilia- what an amazing achievement and a brilliant thing to do to help others. Well done- we are very proud of you!

Week beginning Monday 5th December 2022

Samuel and his team won their 3rd cup match at the weekend earning them top spot in their group and through to the next round. Samuel got man of the match for his efforts during the match too. One very happy boy!

Well done Samuel- we are very proud of you. What a wonderful achievement. Good luck in the next round too!

Evie and Lucia achieved their yellow belts in taekwondo last week. We are so proud of Lucia and Evie and all the hard work they put into getting their yellow belts. The examinations were very intense and hard work and the girls stood up to the pressure and tasks needed with dignity, composure and showed their abilities well- even though they were super nervous!

Well done girls- what an amazing achievement and a brilliant photo! Keep us updated with your progress. You are stars!

Week beginning Monday 17th October 2022

This is a photo of Ishwari with the Mayor of Basingstoke at one of the Cultural Programmes at Carnival Hall, Basingstoke. These photos were requested by the Mayor of Basingstoke with Ishwari which they might file on their official records as he was very impressed with Ishwari's Dance Performance.

Well done Ishwari- we are very proud of you! What a wonderful picture and fantastic achievement. 

Week Beginning Monday 27th June 2022

This is a photo of Florin-Robert Matita-Paraschiv from Rome class winning the trophy for student of the week at kick boxing. 

Well done Florin- what an amazing achievement! Great pictures and what a super trophy. We are very proud of you. 

Ena has played for the Girls U9s Chineham Tigers football team for the last two years. Recently she has shown true team spirit and a real talent for the game. She has played brilliantly all season and on Saturday was recognised at the club presentation day as Manager’s Player of the Season where she was awarded with a trophy! We are so proud! Well done Ena!

What an amazing achievement Ena- you quite rightly look so incredibly proud in your photo. Keep up the amazing work- you are a star!

Week Beginning Monday 6th June 2022

Tharunika from Canberra class received her certificate and belt for achieving her brown stripe in Karate. She attends karate classes every Friday evening. She has been going to karate for more than three years, and she thoroughly enjoys every moment there.

Well done Tharunika- what a brilliant achievement. We are all very proud of you. Keep up the excellent work. 

Week Beginning Monday 9th May 2022

Benny plays football for Sherbourne St John U8's. On 8th May they held a family fun day with season trophies and a 6 team tournament. Each team was a country and Benny was in Wales. His team WON the tournament! It was extremely close and the final went down to penalties. He got a medal. He said it was the best day ever! Well done Benny- we are glad that you had a great day. An amazing achievement, especially after such a close match! Fantastic!

Week Beginning Monday 25th April 2022

Jack received his certificate for achieving green stripe in Tae kwon do. He enjoys going to the classes on Wednesdays after school.
Well done Jack- we are very proud of you. What an amazing talent, and a lovely photo!

Week Beginning Monday 28th March 2022

Joseph Bekatoros and Harry Thomas did a tag team 14 mile run with their football team around Basingstoke to raise money for Ukraine on Sunday. The boys have raised over £1000. We are super proud of their determination. Here is the link to the gazette as they were featured in it, the link to their page with more info and a picture of them at the beginning and end of the run. Well done boys and what an incredible achievement. Your fundraising will be really appreciated by all who will benefit from it- fantastic work!

Week Beginning Monday 28th February 2022

Edward in Warsaw class recently received his first Blue Peter badge.  He earned his blue badge by writing into the show and telling them how he was inspired to try climbing at a climbing wall after seeing his favourite presenter complete a climbing challenge.  He also sent them a picture of the presenters.

In addition to his badge, they sent him a signed picture of his favourite presenter!
Earning a badge has been an ambition of Edward's for a long time.  He first sent a picture into Blue Peter when he was 4 1/2 but had to wait until he turned six to apply for a badge!  He is already working on getting more badges!
Well done Edward! You should be very proud of yourself, for climbing the wall and gaining your Blue Peter badge! Brilliant work- well done. 

Week Beginning Monday 7th February 2022

Lydia has achieved her blue belt in kickboxing this week. Well done Lydia. Fantastic work and an amazing achievement. You look brilliant in your blue belt! Well done.


Freya is very proud to have been chosen to be a part of the dance World Cup team. What an incredible achievement Freya. We are so very proud of you, and you should be too! Well done!

Week Beginning Monday 7th February 2022

Samuel scored a very important penalty for his football team at the weekend. It was also his very first match goal! As you can see he was super happy. Well done Samuel. What a super achievement! I bet you, and your team, were overjoyed! 

Week Beginning Monday 17th January 2022

Here's a photo of Gabriel, who is doing a great job in his Brazilian jiu jitsu classes and is very proud of his achievements! Fantastic work Gabriel- keep up the great work. You look like an expert in this picture!


Rome received his level 3 Ninja skills certificate just before Christmas. Well done Rome- this is amazing and what a great photo! 

Week Beginning Monday 10th January 2022

Alessia is passionate about dance and is taking ballet lessons. She was awarded the Commendation for her medal test dance in November 2021. She received both a medal and a certificate. Well done Alessia. What an amazing achievement!

Mark and Ibrahim were both selected to be in the North Hampshire Regional Performance Centre for Cricket this winter. Only 23 boys were selected across the North of the county following trials after being nominated by their club. They train every Sunday with the district in addition to their club training. Well done boys- you must have worked so hard. We can't wait to hear how you get on.