Our Community


Our Vision is that Fairfields Primary School will be a happy, vibrant, innovative learning community that encourages creativity, challenge and enquiring minds. 

Our core values  or Love, Honesty, Respect and Celebration thread throughout our school.  Each term we refocus on what these mean to us and how we can live the values in our school.  

Our youngest pupils are able to tell us how they can show these values towards their class mates and adults in the school.

We work closely with our community and pupils in our school can take advantage of our links with the following organisations:

Basingstoke Cricket Club - We share the field with our local cricket club.  They maintain it to a high standard.  In the Summer term we pay for lessons with a cricket coach from the club.  Many members of our school also pursue cricket coaching in their spare time.

Proteus Theatre - We always attend the winter performance at the theatre.  This year we have also formed a partnership with them to provide drama lessons during our enrichment afternoons.

Basingstoke Tappers- Tracey Kinchenton (Principal of Basingstoke tappers) teaches dance in our school two days a week.  By the end of Year 6 your child will be familiar with Tracey and will have been taught to dance professionally by her.

Waverly Lawn Tennis Club - We make use of the tennis courts located across the road from the school.  These provide great opportunities for our children to learn tennis on a real court.

Hampshire Squash and Racket Association- Our older pupils take part in squash lessons during the year.  This is provided by the association.  

Queen Mary's College - We have strong links with the Collège and our pupils visit the college for Science and PE lessons led by specialist staff and students.