Tips for Reading at Home

We want all of our children to develop a love of reading and there are so many different ways that you can encourage this at home. Below are some tips to help your children embrace reading. 

1. It doesn't have to be at bedtime! Choose a time that suits your family life. If you can, try to read for 10 minutes each day and keep distractions to a minimum.

 2. Let them choose the book/song/nursery rhyme/comic/newspaper/poem/wordless! We just want them to enjoy their reading time. Below is a list of links or websites that you can access different texts from.

3. Turn on the subtitles while you are watching television. Parents - Turn On The Subtitles

4. Try not to rush – relax and enjoy it together – whether you are discussing the pictures or reading alternate words/paragraphs/chapters or listening together/discussing characters/predicting what might happen.

 5. Be a good role model – do your children see you reading?

 6. Keep it fun – voices/actions/siblings/not school/ if the choice of reading does not work try something different.

7. Everyone loves a spot of Karaoke, don't they? This is a great hidden reading trick for those children that don't always want to pick up their reading books. Have a good sing-along!

8. Visit your local library! Memberships are free and available to anyone who lives in Hampshire.

Below is a link to discover what local library events are taking place near you! 


Websites that may help: 

5-Ways-to-Encourage-Children-to-Read-2020-1-min.pdf (

Tips on reading books with your child | Words for Life


Support for multilingual families at home | National Literacy Trust

Course: Free distance learning ( EMTAS

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