How we teach your child mathematics

Mathematics at Fairfields

At Fairfields, we understand the importance of mathematics and strive to build our children’s confidence in the subject. We use the Ark Mathematics Mastery scheme in school which aims to break down key mathematics knowledge into small steps which are carefully planned for each year group. 

Within each lesson, key mathematical knowledge is delivered using the 'Dimensions of Depth' principle. These dimensions consist of building children's conceptual understanding around a topic, feeding in key language and communication phrases to help pupils reason why, which will lead to stronger mathematical thinking. When these blocks are in place, pupils will then have the opportunity within each unit of work to solve mathematical problems and apply their knowledge. 


We understand the value of fluency and are committed to help our children to learn their times tables. We use the website TTRockstars and all children from years 3 to 6 have a login for this. We encourage the children to use it regularly to practise their tables and improve their rock status. We want as many Rock Heroes at Fairfields as possible! We also hold regular ‘Battle of the Bands’ challenges that become very competitive and reward those who have worked hard on their tables.

Please feel free to click on the links to attached files to find out more about mathematics at Fairfields.


TTRockstars User Guide                Fluency in Mathematics 


Meeting for parents KS2 calculation methods


Videos for parents of our children completing calculations