Year 2

Each week we will update this section so you can access any resources needed for the zoom lessons. Please only complete the resource for that day as you will not have access to the lesson input until the zoom lesson begins.

Click over the lesson name and if the lesson requires any resources it will take you to that page. 

Resources for Year 1 transition: w.b. 13.07.20

Tuesday lesson 2

Thursday lesson 2

Current resources: w.b. 13.07.20

Monday: Maths 1 with Miss Moore on the board, Maths 2, Maths challenge, English, Topic, Reading Activity

Monday maths: Please do not give your child the Monday maths early as we are going to see who can solve the mystery the quickest in the lesson. 

Tuesday: Maths, English, Topic, Topic text

 Wednesday: Maths, English, Topic

Thursday: Maths, English, TopicReading Activity

Friday: Maths, English, Topic


Feel free to play any of these games if you have finished all the maths that has been set for that day. 

Time game, Mass game, Capacity game, Topmarks game, Fact family game, Rounding rocket

Maths 5 a day

Maths honesty sheet

Number line 

Number square if needed 

High frequency words

Common exception words 

Handwriting lines

Reading Questions

Please note: although we have uploaded the whole page for the maths activities, we may not do all the questions during the zoom lessons. 


We have also added the past weeks resources (see below), if you want to complete them or look at them for reference. 

Zoom resources w.b. 06.07.20

 Zoom week 12
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Zoom resources w.b. 29.06.20

 Zoom week 11
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Zoom Resources w.b. 22.06.20

 Zoom week 10
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 Zoom week 9
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 Zoom week 8
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Zoom resources w.b. 01.06.20

 Zoom week 7
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Hansel and gretel

Lifecycle of a plant

fruit faces

Hansel and gretel's journey

Wild things

Half term task

Welcome to Year 2...


We are really excited about our topic this term which is called Journeys.


Who is in year 2 this year? 

2M: Miss Moore and Mrs Baker 


2B: Miss Bradley and Mrs Jones


Volunteers: Mrs Phipps and Mrs Biggle 


Below is our creative curriculum map which tells you a bit more about what we are learning in each subject. We will be updating this page regularly to give you more information on the year group and any fun activities/trips we have done. 


Click here for our termly overview and map


Click here for our topic homework this half term.


Click here for our reading homework this half term. 


Click here for year 2's timetable


If you were not able to attend our year 2 information presentation then please click here to access it. 


Homework Help

Abacus usernames and passwords are the same as last year. If your username or password does not work, please let us know and we will get you a new one. 


Abacus link:


Click here to practice number bonds, doubling and halving. We use this website a lot in school to help the children. See if they can beat their high scores. 2M's high score is 41! 

Year 2 Sea City Musuem trip

Year 2

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