Year 2

We are really excited about our topic this term which is called Transformations.


Who is in year 2?


Teacher: Miss Harper (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Miss Powers (Thursday, Friday)

Learning support assistants: Miss Nash and Miss Tucker



Teacher: Miss Bradley 

Learning support assistant: Mrs Masic


Volunteers: Mrs Biggle, Mrs Minifie


Below is our creative curriculum map which tells you a bit more about what we are learning in each subject. 

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Currently our day starts at 8.40am and finishes at 3:10pm. Please drop off and collect your child from the bottom playground next to the Smooga. 

Year 2 Gallery



 Trip on the Titanic!

On Monday 30th November the children in year 2 began their topic on Titanic. They were each given a boarding pass for the Titanic but everyone was a different type of passenger. The children began to learn about the different roles on board the ship and about how the Titanic sank. They took the role of different passengers and crew members on the ship and freeze-framed key events. The children came up with lots of questions that we will find the answer to throughout this half term. 


What the passengers said about their voyage before we hit the iceberg!:

1st Class: 

“I liked the food. Good service.” 


2nd Class:

“I have enjoyed the swimming pool. I’ve never been on the Titanic before!” 

“I loved the American ice cream. The sailing is lovely.” 


3rd Class 

“ I didn’t like how you didn’t respect the 3rd class people” 

“ I don’t like the service!” 


Crew Member 

“I am finding it hard. I am shoveling coal all day!” 

Trip to Sea City Museum 

On 29th November, the children in Year 2 visited Sea City Museum in Southampton to find out more about the Titanic. They took part in a workshop where they did a demonstration to explain why the Titanic sunk, matched smells to different parts of the Titanic, looked at artefacts from the time of the Titanic and chose who should get on a lifeboat.  

They also had the opportunity to explore the Titanic exhibition and take part in some of the hands-on activities. 

Top of Town Trip

On 20th September we visited the top of town to find out how Basingstoke has changed over time. We tried to find where some old photographs had been taken and match them to the modern day shops.


What Year 2 said about the trip: 

"I was excited because it was a school trip. When we were ready we put our hi-vis on and went. It was fun let me tell you about it. First I saw the church and some fancy cars. Then Miss Harper and Miss Dillon the head teacher of Fairfields school had a talk about where we were going next. After we found out that a barber shop used to be a food shop. Miss Harper took a picture of the barber shop. The people waved. Then we found out that the school shop used to be a bike shop. Finally we went back and luckily it didn’t rain."


"On Wednesday I was excited because we were going on a school trip. Miss Boss told us to go to the toilet. When we arrived at top of the town we saw some old buildings with big windows. We saw some beautiful flowers in restaurants. To get to the top of town we had to do lots of walking."


"We went to the top of town and saw old and new features of Basingstoke. We saw a town hall that had been changed into a museum and new cars. Miss Harper and Miss Dillon talked about old and new features of Basingstoke. We found out that the food shop is now a barber’s shop. Then in the barber shop everyone started to wave. Later we went to the school uniform shop. We noticed the uniform shop used to be a bike shop. It didn’t rain." 


Year 2 writing

Spring term age related writing

ending to 'polar the titanic bear'


age related writing

We wrote a recount of our Survival morning . Below are some examples of writing from children who are writing at or above age related expectations for this time in the year (summerterm). Please use this to inform your support with your child at home.