Year 1

Welcome to Year 1.  Please check here for latest updates.  We hope that we can build many memories before the children move into Year 2.  

Virtual Sports Day - Friday 10th july

The Year 6 blue bubble wrote to Miss Dillon last week requesting a Sports day.  They feel that this is possible even in the COVID times.  

For the children coming into school, they are already able to wear non-school uniform and so can we ask that this be sports wear e.g. tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts.  The Virtual Sports Day will be launched at 9:15 by Miss Rees via Zoom on our normal zoom codes. 

The sports day will not be overly strenuous and it is very unlikely that you will need to train in preparation for this.  We invite parents and family members to join in as well at home using the attached form for recording timings for the individual challenges.


It would be great to see photographic evidence and short videos of the challenges at home when you catch up with the year group via Zoom throughout the day.

If your child is at home, you will need:

1 wooden or large metal spoon

1 egg shaped object

1 bean bag or loaf of bread/ bag of sugar.

Tape measure

Recording sheet (attached)

Timer or timer on your phone.

You will need to create a Sports arena – You can use chalk or solid objects for marking out a 5 metre track in the garden or on the street.











Zoom Lessons: Extra Resources

Please find below some useful resources for your child's zoom lessons. These act as an extension or consolidation to the main lesson. You may like to print these out but do not have to. You are welcome to download and look at these resources at any point but please do not complete the work before the session. 


Please find below resources for maths this week. For each lesson there are 2 or 3 different levels of challenge. You or your child could choose a level suitable for them and then just print these each day or alternately print all resources and choose the correct level of challenge depending on how your child is getting on through the week. ‘Support’ challenges are easier, ‘Main’ challenges are aimed at most children and ‘Extend’ challenges are harder. Wherever possible we will put all levels on the screen during Zoom but where this is not possible we will display the main challenge.  


Resources for Week of 13th July:


You will not need any additional resources for your Year 2 taught lessons.

Here are the problems we will be looking at on Monday!

 13.7.20 Gold Bars Problem.docxDownload
 13.7.20 Jack and the Beanstalk Problem.docxDownload
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Resources for Week of 6th July:

 7.7.20 Main 1 Measuring Book Length.pdfDownload
 7.7.20 Main 2 Measuring Zoo Animals Recording Sheet.docxDownload
 Dear Zoo Animals to Measure.docxDownload
 Extra Describing Turns Activities.pdfDownload
 Friday 10.7.20 Tile Turns Activity.pdfDownload
 Thursday 9.7.20 EXTEND Jack and the Beanstalk Position and Direction.docxDownload
 Thursday 9.7.20 Main Positional Language Activity 2.pdfDownload
 TOPIC Harder Maze Challenge.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 7.7.20 Extend Extra Measures Challenges.docxDownload
 Wednesday 8.7.20 Easier Measuring Capacity.docxDownload
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Resources for Week of 29th June:

 1.7.20 Extend Change Challenge.docxDownload
 2.7.20 Problem Solving 2 Choices.docxDownload
 29.6.20 Extend Mastery Checkpoint (also on flipchart).docxDownload
 30.6.20 Extend Inverse Relationships.docxDownload
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Zoom sessions:

The Year 1 morning and afternoon zoom sessions will still go ahead but these will be sports and exercise based.

The 2nd zoom lesson will not happen so as to give everyone chance to complete the fitness challenges introduced in the first zoom.


 Virtual Sports Day recording sheet(1).docxDownload
 Virtual Sports Day(1).pptxDownload
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Online Games to Support LEarning

Poetry Writing Videos

 See Paul Cookson read some more of his insect poems and get some advice on how to write your own poems!

Meet Florence Nightingale!

As mentioned in the zoom lesson on 3rd June, please find below a link to the 'Science at Work' website. Here there are some excellent videos and activities all linked to meeting real-life scientists. Scroll down to meet Florence Nightingale! 

Or click here for a link direct to Florence! 

Maths Resources:

Please find below a list of on-line games your child might like to play to consolidate each week’s learning this half term:

Pictogram Games (Data Handling): 

 Multiplication and Division (2, 5 and 10)

Chimney:  Odds and Evens

Coconut Odds and Evens Odds and Evens

Doggy Division Divide

Bunny: (Year2 version)

Archery Doubles: Doubles

Mental Maths Train: times and divide


Understanding Place Value

Shark Numbers:

Depth Charger: Adding 10

100 Hunt

Place Value Basketball:

Fact Families: (focus on addition and subtraction)


Addition and Subtraction

Funky Mummy (addition and subtraction):

Firefly Subtraction:

Subtraction Grids:

Mental Maths Train  (click on add and subtract only)

Fact Families: (focus on addition and subtraction)


Adding and Subtracting Using Number Bonds

Funky Mummy:

Balloon Bonds:

Save the Whale:

Smoothie: (Bonds to 10 or 100)


Fractions and Money

Custom Cars:  Money

Coin Calculator: Money

Toy Shop Money: Money

Firepit Fractions: Fractions

Fraction Fresco: Fractions


Below are some additional activities you might want to complete during sports day:

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Reading resources

Please find below a list of reading resources that link with our learning. You may choose whichever ones you would like to complete from the weeks list.

If you are not able to open these at home, don't panic. Please just make sure you listen to your child read regularly, ask them questions about what they have read and encourage them to use Fred Talk for tricky words. Don't forget to practice sounds from the phonics tubs as well.

General reading can use these resources at any time!!

 Read and Respond Year 1.pdfDownload
 Reading Area Challenges.pdfDownload
 Reading Challenge KS1.pdfDownload
 Reading Challenge Labels.pdfDownload
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Previous reading resources you may have missed!!

 All about Africa.pdfDownload
 Beach Habitats.pdfDownload
 Ocean Layers.pdfDownload
 Polar Bear.pdfDownload
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 Arctic Yoga.pdfDownload
 Cautious Caterpillar.pdfDownload
 Minibeasts - Easier Read.pdfDownload
 Minibeasts-Tricky reading.pdfDownload
 Ramadan Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity.pdfDownload
 The Queens Birthday Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity.pdfDownload
 VE Day.pdfDownload
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 Antarctic Gazette.pdfDownload
 Emperor Penguins.pdfDownload
 Polar Animals.pdfDownload
 Runaway Iceberg.pdfDownload
 The Great White Shark.pdfDownload
 What Happened to Captain Scott.pdfDownload
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Phonics Screening Meeting

Homework help

Photos of our learning

School Closure Homework

If for any reason, the school is closed we would like you to work with your children on the following activities:

  • Reading
  • Handwriting - letters and numbers
  • Number bonds to 10 and 20 (3+7=10)
  • RWI sounds
  • Talking about shapes and measures they can see.