Year 3

 Welcome to Year 3 with Miss Ross and Miss Facey. 

Please check here for latest updates. 

We hope that we can build many memories before the children move into Year 4. 


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Meet the teacher presentation


This half term we have been learning about Basingstoke. In History, we have learnt why Basingstoke changed from a farming village to a busy town. We have learnt about the history of some of the important buildings in Basingstoke and used this information to create a place advertisement in our English lessons. During a walk through the town center the children collected footfall data to find out how busy different areas of town are. The children will be presenting this data using Excel in our computing lessons. 

Please find some exciting photos of our learning below. 

Autumn TERM

This half term we are learning about the Stone Age. We had great fun during our hook day at the start of term. Please see more information about this below. 

Writing in Year 3

Below are some example of writing in year 3. These samples show what we would expect a year 3 child's writing to be like in the spring term. 

To meet expected level children need to be using punctuation consistently, be spelling most of their words correctly and have neat handwriting. Children also need to demonstrate that they can use a range of skills in their writing such as expanded noun phrases, commas in a list, possessive apostrophes and fronted adverbials. 

Please see below some good examples of the children's story endings and newspaper reports from the autumn term last year. These examples have been selected to give an indication of what writing should look like in year 3.