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Opened in 1887, Fairfields Primary is the oldest school in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Parents, grandparents and great grandparents all have fond memories of their time at our school.

Everything that we do is based on our four Core Values; Love, Respect, Honesty and Celebration.  Our aim is develop resilient and confident children who are highly skilled and able to adapt to an ever changing landscape.  These are also outlined below.  For that reason, we have written a unique curriculum based on real experiences and high quality literature.

The pupils at our school play a huge part in school improvement.  Our School Council consists of pupils in every year group who are voted in by their peers and who help to shape the direction of the school.  Please see our School Council page with updates of their latest priorities.

Finally, we work closely with parents who have taken the decision to invest in our school by enrolling their children.  We believe that parents are the most crucial element of providing an effective team around a child and we therefore expect them to be involved in school life, at every level.

Our Vision

To prepare the children of today to thrive and meet the challenges of tomorrow, by developing independence and resilience through a forward thinking and evolving curriculum, proudly reflecting our diverse community, inspiring and celebrating all achievements.

Our Mission

We are a vibrant, diverse and inclusive community, fostering a culture of learning and resilience, through a creative and pupil-centered curriculum where children are encouraged to take risks and learn from their mistakes, all within a supportive environment.

Our Ethos
  1. All members of the school community will treat each other with mutual respect,
  2. All children to be supported and challenged to achieve the best that they can which will be celebrated by the school community,
  3. All children will enjoy an exciting and inspiring educational experience,
  4. All children will understand how they can show love towards members of their community and have access to a safe and secure learning environment and good quality pastoral care,
  5. All children will develop the skills that will enable them to be successful citizens in a modern world this includes being an honest citizen,
  6. All children will recognise their value within, and contribution to their local, national and international communities as global citizens.


Each year we develop an action plan to improve areas identified from a range of information including performance data.  Please click here to learn about our school development plan for this year and the review of last year.

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Latest News

Reminder Y6 Graduation tomorrow
17/07/2024 4:07 PM

Dear Year 6 Parents,

Please arrive at 5pm tomorrow and you will be signed in at the front gate. Parents will be able to take their seats under the canopy area and pupils will need to go to the FS classrooms to collect their costumes. Please have pupils wear a white T-shirt and black shorts, or leggins when they arrive and black trainers or shoes they can dance in. The variety show will begin at 5:30pm and it will be followed by a graduation ceremony. Parents may take a photograph of their own child but please do not share the photos on social media. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening!

Year 6 Teachers

Choir Club
16/07/2024 4:53 PM

Choir Club has now finished for the year. There will be no choir club next week. It will resume in September. Well done to all Choir members. I have been so impressed by how well you have listened to each other, and the confidence shown to take on solo or small group parts in songs! You all performed brilliantly at the Diversity Party on Friday, and should be very proud of yourselves. Have a lovely summer! Mr Bambridge

Summer Fair Raffle Winners
16/07/2024 3:00 PM

Thank you to everyone who attended the Summer Fair which was a great success - we hope everyone had an enjoyable afternoon. Many congratulations to everyone who won a prize in the raffle - here is a list of winners who can collect from the school office if you haven't already.