Year 4

Welcome to Year 4. The children have made a great start to the Autumn term and have been settling in well. We have started looking at our topic, Conflict. We had a surprise this week when an unexpected visitor arrived in the classroom - a dragon egg hatched in the classroom and wreaked havoc! We have been looking for clues to work out what has happened.


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Here is the presentation made to parents at the beginning of the term.



The children have received a letter from Hiccup the dragon tamer, asking them to create Wanted posters so that the people of Basingstoke are protected from the escaped dragon. They have created some amazing work!

We had a very exciting start to the year when the children became detectives, determined to solve the mystery of the dragon egg! They discovered the hatched dragon egg, slime, chewed books and burnt clothing as well as a map. After reading a news report about dragon eggs stolen from the Isle of Berk, the children started to make connections with what they had found. They have written to Hiccup, a dragon expert, for advice and look forward to his reply!




Latest News

Year 4

  • There is a TT Rockstars event taking place this week!
  • Key stage 2 teachers have decided to have no pencil cases in class next year.
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