Year 4

Welcome to Year 4.  Please check here for latest updates.   We hope that we can build many memories before the children move to Year 5. 



Miss Young is teaching Canberra class (Monday-Thursday) and Miss Powers is teaching Canberra class on a Friday.

Mrs Raggett teaching New Delhi (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri) and Miss Powers teaching every Wednesday.


 Welcome to year 4! We look forward to a fun year together.


Autumn Term Newsletter to parents 2022/2023

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Autumn achievements in year 4 

Year 4 had a terrifying start to the year because a dragon had broken into the classroom to lay its eggs!

We had to decode a letter in Viking Runes to find out what we needed to do.

The children decoded the letter and were able to work out why the eggs were there and what they had to do.

 This Autumn, we have ben reading Beowulf. The children have enjoyed reading about the monster Grendel and Beowulf's determination to save Heorot.

We have been been playing TTRockstars against other schools and both classes have come second in their tournaments against other schools. Below are the champions from various competitions - Keep up the good work! 

To finish off the conflict topic, we visited Butser Farm in Portsmouth. The children had a fantastic time trying out some Anglo Saxon activities and becoming Viking archeologists. We gathered around a fire and talked about how they would have lived and how things have changed over time. 

sPRING achievements in year 4 

Spring Term Newsletter to parents 2022/2023

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Welcome back year 4! We started off the new spring term with an immersion into Amusement. The children enjoyed a circus fitness session, puppet art, making treats and looking into sound. Everyone had a great time! 

Today we have been exploring sound and how to make high and low pitch noises. The children made pan pipes which we hope you enjoy at home. Here are some examples. 

We have been working on joining two pieces of card to make a seemless join. We made photo frames in DT for our clown pictures. We hope you enjoy them!

Here are lots of ARE work examples from the year group.

 Maths - Divison using chunking

If you need a reminder on how to use this method, watch the video below.

summer achievements in year 4 

Today was an exciting day in year 4! We had a special visit from a scientist who taught us about out immune systems and how important it to to wash our hands. 

We had a lot of fun using the equipment, drawing super bugs and the glitter!

Multiplication test year 4 - 15th of JUne

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Extra activities


if you would like to do some more work, please see below.

You can log on to TTRockstars and test your times tables knowledge


Have a go at today's Wordle

Extra word challenge - Can you work out four Wordles at once!


Geography- can you work out the country in today's Globle challenge?


Can you guess the country based on the shape: