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Welcome to our Zoom Lessons Page!

If your child has been asked to self-isolate, we will be using this page to communicate with both Parents and Pupils.

Please ensure that you have updated your version of Zoom on whichever device you are using.  

 The first day of isolation will involve your child watching a pre-recorded lesson.  These will be emailed to you.  Please ensure we have up-to-date information on how to contact you.

What will happen from Day 2 of isolation

From the second day of isolation we will be delivering three live lessons per year group.  This will be a mixture of teaching and instruction and also giving children tasks to complete. 

Each Zoom lesson will have a unique 9 digit ID and you will need to check further down this page each day to find the ID numbers for the lessons.

To maintain as much normality as possible during the period of closure, we would recommend the following structure for your day:
  1. Breakfast
  2. 1 hour Lesson and independent work via Zoom
  3. 20 minutes -Game with family member inside/outside
  4. 1 hour lesson and independent work via Zoom
  5. 1 hour of active play- inside or outside (if possible)
  6. 30 minutes lunch together as a family.
  7. 1 hour lesson and independent work via Zoom
  8. 10 minute break with fruit snack.
  9. 1 hour of reading or revision.
  10. Free time
Please try to avoid computer games during the working day. 
Please take time to look through this presentation which has been created to help parents manage behaviour during the lockdown.
This routine will help to maintain learning stamina for when we return to school.
Zoom Lessons:
Each evening, the teachers will update the meeting IDs next to the lessons.  The 9 or 10-digit number is the passcode you need to access the lesson.  These will be changed daily as the teachers schedule the lessons.
Please be aware that the following apply to live lessons:
  • No 1:1 lessons should take place, groups only.
  • Staff and children must wear suitable clothing, as should anyone else in the household.
  • Any computers used should be in appropriate areas, for example, not in bedrooms; and where possible be against a neutral background.
  • Language must be professional and appropriate, including any family members in the background.
  • Videos may be muted for both pupils and staff if other children in the household become unsettled or cause a disruption.  
Please note, if you are late for the lessons, you can still join.  The teacher will be delivering the input for approximately the first 20 minutes of the lesson and also taking feedback on the last 15 minutes of the lesson.
All lessons will be recorded for safeguarding reasons.  These will be viewed by both year group teachers after the lesson and posted on the Past videos page for children to access.  The page will be password protected.  You will need the details emailed to you for the username, the password will be the same as the passcode for lessons.  Please opt out of the video option if you do not want your child to be videoed and posted on this page.  
 Zoom - instructions for joining a meeting.pdfDownload
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Foundation Stage Lessons

9.00am        Lesson 1 : 982 2026 4496

10.30am       Lesson 2: 986 9666 3720

1.00pm         Lesson 3: 926 1965 8711

 Reading activity:


Year 1 Lessons

 9:15am     Lesson 1: 147 408 287

10:50am    Lesson 2: 505 912 712

1:20pm      Lesson 3: 106 027 967

Phonics videos and zoom resources


Year 2 Lessons

9:30am     Lesson 1: 967 5946 9118 

11:00am     Lesson 2:981 4286 1074

1:30pm      Lesson 3: 973 6097 4246 

Reading activity:

Year 3 Lessons

9:45am  Maths:  257 419 867 

11:10am  English: 167 052 218

1:40pm   Topic: 626 897 364   

Reading activity:









 Year 4 Lessons 

9am           Lesson 1: 937 8764 5259

 10:30am    Lesson 2: 940 2836 5855

 1pm            Lesson 3: 988 2427 6228


Reading activity: 


Year 5 Lessons 

9:15am   Lesson 1:  931 5984 8515

10:50  Lesson 2:  945 3852 4401

1:20pm  Lesson 3:  932 7154 2194

Reading activity: Please see the year group page


Year 6 Lessons

9:20am Maths Lessons: 931 1776 3747

11:00am English Lessons: 975 2991 1861

1:35pm Topic Lessons: 975 9726 8585

Reading activity: Please see the year group page


Assembly with Miss Dillon @ 2:35pm each day

Meeting ID: 945 3680 5072

The passcode it the same as the one for parents beginning with a 7.

Timetabled Assemblies

Monday: Core Values

Tuesday: Current Affairs 

Wednesday: Well-being Wednesday

Thursday: Philosophy for Children

Friday: Celebration 

 Please note, the assembly on Monday 1st February will not be on Zoom, but through the link below as a launch assembly from the charity 'Place2Be' on Children's Mental Health Week. Zoom assemblies will continue tomorrow as normal. 











Please use the Guestbook to contact us during closure. We will check this each day.

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