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Welcome to our Zoom Lessons Page!

While the school is closed we will be using this page to communicate with both Parents and Pupils.


What has happened during week 1:

Children will have been given their 10 day pack of work. This included a pencil and paper. It also included a letter with the zoom password on.

The children will have now completed the first 5 days from the pack. The remaining 5 days in the packs will then NOT be used unless necessary.  Please save the materials in case the teachers become sick or if there is a problem with the online software. This will give us 5 days of contingency work for each pupil.

On Friday, each class teacher arranged a meeting at a pre-arranged time and had chance to speak to their class pupils. It was great to see so many children online.


What is due to happen in week 2:

From Monday, we will be delivering three live lessons per year group.  This will be a mixture of teaching and instruction and also giving children tasks to complete. 

Each Zoom lesson will have a unique 9 digit ID and you will need to check further down this page each day to find the ID numbers for the lessons.

Sarah Leaford will be giving fitness sessions twice a week for all year groups and also a family session each week.  Please see the dates and times below.  These will also change each week. 

To maintain as much normality as possible during the period of closure, we would recommend the following structure for your day:
  1. Breakfast
  2. 1 hour Lesson and independent work via Zoom
  3. 20 minutes -Game with family member inside/outside
  4. 1 hour lesson and independent work via Zoom
  5. 1 hour of active play- inside or outside (if possible)
  6. 30 minutes lunch together as a family.
  7. 1 hour lesson and independent work via Zoom
  8. 10 minute break with fruit snack.
  9. 1 hour of reading or revision.
  10. Free time
Please try to avoid computer games during the working day. 
This routine will help to maintain learning stamina for when we return to school.
Zoom Lessons:
Each evening, the teachers will update the meeting IDs next to the lessons.  The 9-digit number is the passcode you need to access the lesson.  These will be changed daily as the teachers schedule the lessons.
Please be aware that the following apply to live lessons:
  • No 1:1 lessons should take place, groups only.
  • Staff and children must wear suitable clothing, as should anyone else in the household.
  • Any computers used should be in appropriate areas, for example, not in bedrooms; and where possible be against a neutral background.
  • Language must be professional and appropriate, including any family members in the background.
  • Videos may be muted for both pupils and staff if other children in the household become unsettled or cause a disruption.  
Please note, if you are late for the lessons, you can still join.  The teacher will be delivering the input for approximately the first 20 minutes of the lesson and also taking feedback on the last 15 minutes of the lesson.
All lessons will be recorded for safeguarding reasons.  These will be viewed by both year group teachers after the lesson and posted on the Past videos page for children to access.  The page will be password protected.  You will need the details emailed to you for the username, the password will be the same as the passcode for lessons.  Please opt out of the video option if you do not want your child to be videoed and posted on this page.  
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Foundation Stage Lessons


9am           Lesson 1: 256 169 524

10:30am    Lesson 2: 391 665 201

1pm            Lesson 3: 145 047 118

Reading activity: Watch a RWI daily speed sounds lesson on Youtube


Check whether you should watch set 1, set 2 or set 3 sounds by looking at the group colours on the zoom/RWI page of school website.

You can also visit the following websites:




Year 1 Lessons

 9:20am     Lesson 1: 147-408-287

10:50am    Lesson 2: 505-912-712

1:20pm      Lesson 3: 106-027-967

Reading activity:

Log on to Oxford Owl on the other activities page (this website), choose an e-book, read / listen to the story. Draw a picture of the main character in your story.


Year 2 Lessons

9:40am     Lesson 1: 387-122-491

11:00am     Lesson 2: 993-604-442

1:30pm      Lesson 3: 436-405-046

Reading activity: 

Watch the animated version of the book you read/listened to on Thursday. Create a Venn diagram (use framework on website) of the similarities and differences between the book and animated version.

Year 3 Lessons

9:50am     Lesson 1: 257-419-867

11:10am     Lesson 2: 167-052-218

1:40pm      Lesson 3: 626-897-364

Reading activity: On the Year 3 page of the website, click on the reading activity. Complete one comprehension task each day by reading the text and answering the questions. 


Dance with Tracey 

All pupils, Tuesdays at 12 - 12:30,

Meeting ID: 160-378-411


All pupils, Wednesdays at 12- 12:30,

Meeting ID: 751-838-022


Family Dance Session

Everyone in the house (if you can bend your knees and put your arm in the air, you can dance! )
Fridays 12-12:30

Meeting ID:: 233-225-207





 Year 4 Lessons

9am           Lesson 1: 105-564-028

10:30am    Lesson 2: 937-950-859

1pm            Lesson 3: 837-990-206

Reading activity: Find a book from your house that you can read over the holidays.  Once you have read it:

  1. Can you create a comic of it?
  2. write an alternative ending for the story.


Year 5 Lessons

 9:20am     Lesson 1: 742-255-588

10:50am    Lesson 2: 949-581-890

1:20pm      Lesson 3: 657-161-234

Reading activity:  Click on   more/other activities  on the website and scroll down to find Storytime From Space.  Click on this.  We are going to use 'Ada Lace, Take me to your Leader'.  The one listed first is part 2.  You need part 1 so fill the book name into search and it will come up with part 1.  Listen to part 1 and do the activities that go with it each day.  Please visit the Year 5 page for the activities.


Year 6 Lessons

9:40am     Lesson 1: 393-933-984


9.40am Mrs Hopkins maths: 636-573-536 

11:00am     Lesson 2: 391-037-601

1:30pm      Lesson 3: 400-623-288

Reading activity:

Click on the reading task link on the Year 6 Pages section of the website to read a short text and answer the questions to check your understanding. The answers are also available to self-mark the activity. 


Bootcamp with Sarah

FS, Years 1,2 and 3 sessions

Session 1:  Mondays, 3-3:30pm,

Meeting ID:  691-271-909


Session 2: Wednesdays, 3- 3:30pm,

Meeting ID: 954-914-043


Years 4,5 and 6

Session 1: Tuesdays, 3- 3:30pm,

Meeting ID: 307-256-156


Session 2: Thursdays, 3 - 30pm,

Meeting ID: 190-076-131


Family Session

Fridays, 3-3:30pm, Meeting ID: 455-576-145




Please use the Guestbook to contact us during closure. We will check this each day.

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Becky Sanders(about a week ago)

Hi Im confused with the times for lessons will this be every week day or just one day a week ? Riley is in year four so is it a lesson 0900,1030 and 1300 everyday ? Thanks In advance Rebecca Sanders School Response: The lessons are everyday. Three lessons a day at the times at the bottom of the Zoom page. We have kept them the same each day to help you manage a routine at home. Please only do what you can. We understand that this does put a lot of pressure on parents.