Year 5

Welcome to Year 5.  Please check here for latest updates.  We hope that we can build many memories before the children move into Year 6.  


Cairo- Miss Warwick

Nairobi- Miss McGuire


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Remote learning 2021

Lesson codes

Lesson 1  9.15 a.m.    931  5984  8515

Lesson 2  10.50 a.m.    945 3852 4401

Lesson 3  1.20 p.m.   932 7154  2194

Feedback Friday:    921 7838 6206

Please log onto the Feedback Friday Zoom lesson, for your allocated time slot.

Weekly reading task

 War of the Worlds text to read - Pages 8 and 9.pdf

 Reading tasks support, stretch and challenge.docx

Challenge text - Challenge - space poem.docx 

Monday 1st March

English - 

Senses word Mats.pdf

Senses worksheet.docx

 Sample story to listen to - Ben's story.wav


Maths - 

Monday stretch

Monday support.docx

Measurement problems challenge task Monday.doc


Other - PSHE

no resources needed


Tuesday 2nd March


English -

R.H, L.C - Storyboard template.docx

R.H, L.C- war of words comic strip. pdf

Tuesday- WAGOLL radio transcript.docx

Alien Description.docx WAGOLL

Tues - Diamond 9 template.docx



Maths - 

Tuesday challenge problems.docx


Other -P.E. - Please wear comfortable clothing


Wednesday 3rd March

English -

R.H, L.C - Storyboard template.docx

R.H, L.C- war of words comic strip. pdf

Tuesday- WAGOLL radio transcript.docx

Alien Description.docx WAGOLL

Tues - Diamond 9 template.docx


Maths -

Wednesday stretch and challenge.docx


Other -


Website showing you what is in the night sky:



Thursday 4th March

 World Book Day - Dress in non-uniform or a book character.

Maths - This will be the first session today.

Transformation assessment.docx


English - Special Zoom session to meet with an author



Other - Art lesson with a book illustrator 


Friday 5th March - Feedback Friday


How to prepare:  Practise reading aloud the poem you write this week as we would love to hear it on Friday.

Please bring along your guided reading work, your English poem, your science work (from Wednesday) and any other work you would like feedback on. 


Group 1 session: (9.15 - 9.45 a.m.)

Group 2 session (9.45 - 10.15 a.m.)

Group 3 session: (10.50 - 11.20 a.m.)

Group 4 session (11.20 - 11.50 a.m.)

Group 5 session (1.20 - 1.50 p.m.)

Group 6 session (1.50 - 2.20 p.m.)



Previous messages

For the first two days at home, before Zoom starts, please open pack A and complete the work inside.  Here are links to the activities:

Instructions for 2 days of work

Year 5 - Maths.pdf

Pack A- English and Reading.docx




World Book Day Illustrator Workshop with Victoria Cox

Pupils in Year 5 did amazingly well imitating one of Victoria's illustrations!

Here are some examples of the artwork produced during the day.

Bird Attack!

Zoom went mad today as a series of events unfolded!  Miss Warwick suffered from mysterious screen annotations and someone taking remote control of her computer and showing the children funny pictures of her.  It was even more shocking when we discovered that Miss McGuire was the guilty party!  Finally, a giant parrot visited Miss Warwick's house and attacked her!




This week, the children in year 5 witnessed a mummification and then had a go with their own soft toys!

Discovery Art

The children have started to design some art work entitled Discovery based on a painting (Diary of Discoveries) by Vladimir Kush.

Rivers and The Water Cycle

In Geography, the children are learning about The Nile River, features of a river and The Water Cycle. 
This is Avery's model of a river and The Water Cycle, using clay.

Where are our chairs?

The children were very shocked when they arrived on Monday to discover that they were no longer allowed their chairs to use!  This led to 400 annoyed children writing to Miss Dillon to ask for them back.  Here's Samiyah's letter:

Playground River


We started our new year off with a bang by investigating how rivers are formed.  The children were let loose with watering cans to try to recreate what happens on a rivers journey using tarpaulin.  We used chairs  to recreate the landscape and used multilink to look at the transportation and depositing of objects in a river.