Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.  

Class teacher of Ottawa:  Miss Warwick

Class teacher of Lima:  Mrs Dawson

Please find the spring newsletter here which includes a mind-map of the spring term curriculum topics. 

Mindmap to parents Spring 2022.docx

Termly letter to Parents YEAR 6 AUT 1 2021.pdf

Please find a copy of the Year 6  timetable here.

  Timetable A

Timetable B


Well done to everyone who attended the Easter School lessons - here is Miss Dillon's reading text for the lesson on Friday 22nd April.  Garnet Story for Miss Dillon's reading lesson.rtf

Year 6 Easter competition Answer page.pdf

Dragon Fly text.docx

Spring Term

Spring term learning

Phoenix flies

To help us to understand evolution we built 'phoenix flies' and then were told the story of their evolution.  Unfortunately our phoenix families dies out if they didn't have the adaptations needed to survive which included big eyes, a sting, claws and strong wings.


We spent a week learning how to ride our bikes with more confidence and greater safety.

Introduction to our Evolution topic

We met and interviewed a surprise visitor - Mary Anning.   We also created our own fossilised rock using imprints and etching.

Examples of work

Here are some examples of our writing.  The children were asked to write a balanced argument to help somebody to decide whether or not Ami should be sent to away from Culion Island.  She currently lives with her mother, who has leprosy, and the proposal is to send her to an orphanage.

Autumn Term

Autumn term learning - Visit to the Science Centre

In order to learn about electricity, year 6 have visited the science centre at Queen Mary's College.  Ottawa went in the morning and Lima went in the afternoon.   We experimented with different ways to change the brightness of the bulb, how to create doorbells, the effect of changing voltage and how to measure decibels. Here are some pictures:

Immersion Activities in September

We have started our autumn term with two days of immersion to introduce the children to our topic of 'Contrasts'.

The children have been taking part in a selection process to show if they have the skills to visit Antarctica.

They have completed application forms, taken part in a quiz about survival, learnt knots and shelter building, used a compass, learnt to trust each other while blindfolded and put up Miss Warwick's tent!

We have learnt lots about our new classes this way and now need to decide who has passed and who will win the special trophies.

We have also studied Scott and his ill- fated expedition to the South Pole through drama so our days have been busy!

Examples of work

Please look below to see samples of ARE work.  The writing that we display will include aspects needed to achieve age related expectations at the current moment.