Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.  Please check here for latest updates.  This is the final year for our Year 6 children and we hope that we can build many memories before they go on to Secondary School. 

Parent Newsletter - Summer Term 2021

Please find the summer newsletter here which includes a mind-map of the summer term curriculum topics. 


Please find a copy of the Year 6  timetable here.


Year 6 Isolation - 9th and 12th July 2021

Please complete the following tasks and login to for a reading challenge.

Pack A Tasks

English pictures

Maths and Science resources

Zoom lessons will start on 13th July and resources will be uploaded here.


Zoom Codes - Please use the password emailed to you to login

9am Maths Zoom Lesson

          ID:  931 1776 3747


11am English Zoom Lesson

           ID: 975 2991 1861


1pm Topic Zoom Lesson

          ID: 975 9726 8585 



Maths resources to download / print English resources to download / print Topic resources to download / print

resourcesheet_990 Napier Bones Tues.pdf

Napier's bones answers.docx

digital root Weds.pdf

murder_mystery_maths1 (Thus Fri).pdf


extra scene for script with Gods

Virtual background 1

Virtual background 2

Virtual background 3

Virtual background 4


Champion Song Lyrics





 Year 6 Zoom Lesson Gallery


Professor Cox and her creation Tapu'ey from act 1, scene 1. Who will win the playscript writing competition for scene 2?

Take a look at our Na'vi avatars...

On the fictional moon of Pandora, many dangerous plants manage to survive...

Our writing outcome included a biography of the paleontologist Mary Anning. Take a look...

Year 6 Science Lesson Outcomes - Evolution and Fossilisation

Year 6 DT

During our DT day this term, pupils designed and made a new electric toy shop sign based on our class book 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret' by Brian Selznick.

Year 6 Computing

The book 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret' also inspired us to create some animations using Serif MoviePlus software. The pupils worked hard at learning how to import pictures, add special effects, sounds and text as well as altering transition times to allow the images to tell a story. We hope they remind you of the first sci-fi silent movie ever made called, 'A trip to the Moon'.

By Roxanne

By Punit

By Nadia

By Alfie R-G