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Updates from the weekend

22 March 2020 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

Since Friday, there has been additional information and guidance given to everyone.  I apologise for having to send this message and I hope that everyone will understand why I am. 

Firstly, please can I remind everyone that they must keep their children at home and not arrange play dates or meet ups. 

Social distancing includes everyone and children also.  We must remain at least 2 metres apart.

I am concerned that children may not have received this message and I really want to keep everyone safe until we reopen.

Currently we are due to have 83 children in school next week.  Please can I ask that if you are a parent of one of the 83 children and you can work from home; you do.  The Staff at the school are dedicated to providing care for children of Key Workers if absolutely necessary.  Some of the staff are having to bring their own child (including babies) into school to help as their child’s nursery has closed.

I am therefore asking you to think carefully before sending your child into school next week.  If they can stay at home, they really must.  This does not include vulnerable children who we have contacted. 

Please let us know if your arrangements at home have changed and you are able to keep your child at home.

If any parent knows of a parent who is abusing this arrangement, please do contact the school via the Guestbook as we will follow up on this.  We want to maintain social distancing and with 83 children, this will be problematic.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Kelly Dillon