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Welcome Back to School!

6 September 2019 (by admin)

We are so pleased to see the children back to school today.  They have really settled well into their new classes and there is a feeling of calmness in the school.

We do hope that you have had both a restful and adventurous holiday!

We have been busy over the holidays renovating different areas of the school:

  • Sarah’s Garden has been renovated to create a peaceful place in the playground.  Thank you to Mrs Pinto, Mrs Roe-Gilby  and their families for giving up their time to help create this space.  Thank you also to the Staff for coming in during the holiday to move soil and especially Miss Rees who was in charge of the mini digger!
  • The Allotment has been cleared to allow us to begin a Forest Schools project in Foundation Stage. 
  • Freddies’ Room has had a makeover and is now much brighter and clearer for the families using this club.  Thank you to Miss Shields for designing the new layout.
  • The Main Hall has been painted and we will soon be displaying the curriculum from each year group as the term progresses.

This term we will be focusing on the Respect as our Core Value.  We will be talking about how we can respect ourselves by taking care of our bodies through eating healthily and drinking water.  Please could you talk to your child about this especially at dinner time.  Please can we also insist that they only have water in their water bottles.  

Finally, we are looking forward to the year ahead.  During the last two training days we reviewed:

  • How we teach reading in the school and how we can create a reading for pleasure ethos in the school.
  • First Aid training for support staff.
  • Our school development priorities following our results in July.
  • The behaviour and safeguarding policies in the school.
  • How consistent our teaching approaches are across the school.

We will be sending out more information about these over the term.  Please also come along to the Parent Forum in October.