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Final Update

21 July 2023 (by admin)

Dear Fairfields Community,

The holidays have finally arrived and we have had such an incredible final week.  Thank you on behalf of every member of staff in the school for all of the gifts, cards and kind words.  We feel honoured to serve such a kind community and appreciate the support that we receive from our parents.

The results of testing are in and we are pleased with improvements in areas such as writing and in the Year 4 multiplication check.  We hope that you also celebrate the achievements of your children having received their final results yesterday.

Super Citizens

Congratulations to our final Super Citizens of the year.  Well done to the following children for showing the Core Values:

Safiya in London Class

Jasvitha in Paris Class

Mabel in Warsaw Class

Shrita in Rome Class

Charvy in Budapest Class

Jenson in Madrid Class

Channing in Ankara Class

Rome in Kathmandu Class

Scarlett in New Dehli Class

Chanvi in Cairo Class

Davi in Nairobi Class

Maheen in Lima Class

Lili in Ottawa Class


Additional Teacher in Year 6

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Thorpe will be teaching alongside Miss Cox and Miss Watkins in September.  Mr. Thorpe has been working with Year 5 children for the last year and is well known to the children.  He is looking forward to teaching them on a Thursday and Friday each week as well as being in the class for the other days.

Congratulations to Sarah and Steve

Sarah and Steve have become a huge part of our community.  They are well known for their Bootcamp sessions and also the activities they provide at lunchtime.  Congratulations to them on their marriage, which will take place over the holiday!

Sunflower Café

We are really excited to announce our rebranding of the Monday drop in sessions for parents.  Tracey will be developing a Sunflower café for parents to enjoy.  The first two weeks will be around transition and we invite all parents to pop along and share how their children have settled in.  Parent Representatives are also invited to attend so that suggestions can be given as to how to make these sessions accessible for non-English speaking parents.  If you would prefer a private meeting with Tracey, please do contact her via the school office.

PTA Update

CIRCUS / SUMMER FAIR - A final update ahead of this afternoon's event. The summer fair will open at 3:30pm with food, drinks, face painting and activities available for all to enjoy before the doors of the circus open at 5pm for a 5:30pm start. Parking is available at the cricket club accessed via Bounty Road (not the usual cricket club entrance on Fairfields Road which will be closed to traffic). We'd like to ask that bikes, scooters and dogs are left at home as these won't be permitted on the school field. Refreshments will also be available to buy during the interval break before the event finishes at 7:30pm. We have a selection of drinks, ice creams, doughnuts and cakes. Our Mexican food truck will be serving a selection of burritos, tacos, quesadillas (beef, chicken or mushroom) and nachos. This will include a vegetarian and vegan option as well as there being gluten free tortillas. In addition there is a fish and chip van which will also sell vegetarian burgers - please note these both use cash and card rather than tokens. There will also be a selection of external stalls for everyone to enjoy with items to buy using cash and card (no tokens). Anyone making a last minute decision to attend the circus can still purchase tickets on the day as well as activity, food and drink tokens, but we recommend arriving early to avoid queues. We look forward to seeing everyone this afternoon in what promises to be an exciting event to end the school year. Many thanks, PTA.

Have a wonderful summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 5th September.

Miss Kelly Dillon