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Weekly Update 7

12 November 2021 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

It has been a great a busy week in the school with everything we have planned for this time of the year.

Thank you for to our whole school community for taking part in the Poppy appeal.  We will be able to confirm how much we raised once the money is collected and banked by the Royal British Legion.  During assembly today, we shared the photographs sent into school by parents. 

It was lovely to see the interest in the children about other children’s relatives, including one child who was named after them.  Mr Mardell (the school Site Manager) shared some of his photographs from when he was in the army and the children will no doubt have plenty of further questions following the sharing session.

Coronavirus Update

We have only had one case in Year 6 in the last ten days.   We will continue to monitor these as we know of one parent within the community who is currently unwell. 

Please continue to be vigilant and to only send your child in if they are well.


We have noticed an increase in lateness in the last few weeks.  Lessons start as soon at children go into their classroom.  Please do arrive at the correct time for your child's class.  As the weather becomes colder and wetter, teachers will take their classes in after 3 minutes of the drop off time. 

It should not be normal for your child to go through the school office at the start of the day as this creates a problem when parents want to speak to the office about a concern or a query. 

As a reminder:

Foundation Stage

Year 2,4 and 6 need to be in their line at 8:40am

Year 1,3 and 5 need to be in their line at 8:50am.

Please do take care and allow enough time to park carefully.  A report was made this afternoon about a parent being hit by a car.  The driver was another parent and drove off instead of checking to see if the parent was Ok.  This has been reported to the police and further action will be taken against the driver. 

Please work together to ensure that our community are safe.  Parents are able to park as Caston road car park.

Equipment for School

Please do remember to send your child into school with a coat and a water bottle.  We do not have cups for children to use if they need a drink and so your child needs to have their own bottle.  If you would like to buy one from the office, please do so for £1. 

Children in Need

A reminder to parents that next Friday is Children in Need day.  Your child may come into school wearing spotty clothing or headwear.  Donations will be collected by the gate.  Your child can also take part in a colouring competition available from the school office.  Entries must be in by Thursday 18th November. 

Winter Fair

We are happy to announce that the PTA Winter Fair will be taking place this year on the Wednesday 8th December from 4:30 – 7:30pm.  The PTA would like to have a meeting with any parents who would like to get involved.  The meeting will take place on Zoom on Tuesday 16th November at 7pm.  The meeting code for this will be sent out on Monday by email. 

Please do come along to the meeting if you have any time or energy you can give to the event. 

Finally, we are pleased to share with you our recent focus on participating in sporting leagues.  We now have an establish football and netball team and a budding tag rugby team.  We have moved the fenced area in the playground (smooga) to allow for the full-sized court to be used.

Thank you to the Year 5 and 6 pupils who came to the session on Thursday.  We will now run sessions each Thursday from 3:20 – 4pm.  Please can those children who signed up wear their PE uniform and trainers to school.  There is no need for children to wear studs or football boots yet.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Kelly Dillon