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Weekly Update 4

18 October 2021 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

I have waited until this afternoon to send the weekly update as I wanted to check the figures for the number of positive cases in the school after the final weekend. 

Year Group

Number of positive results pupils in the last ten days

Number of positive results adults in the last ten days

Foundation Stage





















Number of staff isolating due to being identified as a contact or having symptoms



I am pleased to say that we are now able to deescalate our COVID response.  This means that we can reduce some of the measures in the school. 

Please note the following update to the measures in school:

  • We will still require parents and visitors to wear masks in the school building. 
  • Staff will not need to wear masks when teaching their class unless they have a confirmed case in their classroom. 
  • Parents are to wear masks in the playground and to avoid coming into the playground if they have any symptoms.
  • We will wait until the end of November before we invite volunteers into the building.  This is due to the length of time they will be working in close proximity to pupils and staff. 
  • Children should still only attend school if they are well.  Please continue to help us by PCR testing your children if you are concerned or if there is a positive case in your household. 

We will continue to meet remotely for the remainder of the term, this does include parents evening.  Parents Evening will now be via Zoom on both days.  This is because these meetings involve close proximity and for a longer period of time.  Please do sign up for a parents evening meeting using SCOPAY.  The teachers will then send you a code for the meeting after half term, along with examples of your child’s work. 



Open afternoon – Thursday 21st October 1:30 – 2:30pm

We have put in place a risk assessment for the open afternoon.  Currently we have 15 families signed up.  The main presentation will take place in the hall and there will be a tour around the building.

We will ask parents to complete a questionnaire before entering the building.  This will check that they do not have symptoms and have not travelled outside of the country in the last 14 days.

We will also ask parents to wear a mask at all times, sanitise their hands throughout the tour.

We will also ask parents to leave the building if they are displaying symptoms at any point during the open afternoon.  This will be monitored during the presentation at the start of the open afternoon, prior to the tour. 

Parents will be asked to not come into close contact with any child or adult in the school whilst on the tour as they will only stand in the entrance of classrooms. 

The whole building will be well ventilated throughout. 


Harvest Festival – Friday 22nd October 2- 3pm

We will continue to monitor any positive cases in the school over the next few days.  Currently, due to the low numbers of cases, we are proceeding with the Harvest Festival open afternoon on Friday as planned.

The following measures will be in place for this event:

  • Please could as many parents as possible take a lateral flow test before coming to the school.
  • If you have a positive case in your household, please do not attend the event or seek a PCR the day before and lateral flow test in the morning.
  • Please only attend the school if you are well and are not displaying symptoms.  This also includes any younger siblings who may attend with you.
  • Please wear a mask and remain socially distanced from members of staff.  Staff will be wearing masks for this event.   We would ask that you do not try to have a long conversation with the teacher as this is a showcase event only. 
  • Only approach your child in the classroom and do not have contact with any other child. 

Please can we ask that parents enter the school through the school playground, under the canopy.  You do not need to attend for the whole hour, unless you have more than one child to see.  For each year group, the presentation will last approximately 10- 15minutes and will be repeated three or four times. 

Our caterers will have a sample food from the menu for you to try during the session as well.  Please can this only be eaten under the canopy are or in the playground just outside the canopy.   

We will have a box under the canopy for food donations.  You or your child can bring these items into the playground.  These will be sent to the food bank in Basingstoke. 

Freddies Club

We have reviewed the cost of running Freddies Club this week.  As you can imagine, employing someone for one hour a day is challenging.  We have three members of staff for both the morning and afternoon hours.  This does impact on the number of children we can offer the club to due to ratios.  Currently, the club is still running at a loss due to fewer pupils using the afterschool club.  The shortfall for this is taken out of the school budget which should be used on education of pupils.

We know there is a greater demand for morning places and so we are asking parents to only book these places if they are unable to supervise their child at home between 8 - 8:40am. 

Freddies bookings will open up today (Monday 18th)  at 5pm.  You will now be able to book for the whole year as opposed to the term ahead.  Please note - once the term is booked, the place will be allocated to your child.  We will therefore only refund bookings if one half term's notice is given.  This will allow parents to make use of the club and potentially fill the afterschool places. 

We will operate a waiting list for any parents who are not able to secure a place. 

Thank you again for your continued support in helping to keep our community safe and well. 

Miss Kelly Dillon