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House Captain and School Council announcement

11 October 2021 (by Vicky Hopkins (vhopkins))

I am really pleased to announce who this year's House Captains and School Council team will be. Well done to all the children who applied for the positions. It was so hard for the children to choose as you they all did so very well.

House Captains this year are:

Griffins: Emma (captain) and Zac (vice)

Unicorns: Darsh (captain) and Jacob (vice)

Phoenixes: Samiyah (captain) and Riley (vice)

Dragons: Lily (captain) and Yasna (vice)

School council this year are:

Rome: Lorcan

Warsaw: Dylan

Budapest: Lydia

Madrid: Adelyn

Kathmandu: Brody

Ankara: Esme

Canberra: Ena

New Delhi: Carla

Nairobi: Gaby

Cairo: Flynn

Ottawa: Avery

Lima: Darsh

Well done to everyone!