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TT Rockstars House Team Competition

28 May 2021 (by Vicky Hopkins (vhopkins))

The children have been busy this week completing work on TT Rockstars at school and at home to earn points for their house team in our first house team.TT Rockstars event. We will be awarding certificates later today to children in each house team who scored the most points, but we now have the final results. Please be aware that the final results have had to be changed slightly due to an issue at the start of the week, so some points have been deducted from the scores you and the children may have seen on the TT Rockstars website to address this issue. 

The scores are as follows:

Griffins 62645

Dragons 43829

Unicorns 163421

Phoenixes 25059

Well done to the Unicorns for their fantastic win, and for all the teams for working so hard this week!