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Return to school on the 8th March

1 March 2021 (by admin)

Dear Parents and carers,

Following the announcement that schools should open in the 8th March I am writing to confirm that we are!

It has felt like a long and trying time for our school community and I can possibly speak on behalf of everyone when I say how we are all looking forward to coming back to school.  We have missed the children and the energy that they bring to the school. 

We have met as a leadership team today and can confirm that we will be opening to all children from Monday 8th March.  Since January, we have begun testing staff members twice a week and we hope that this will help to keep our community safe.  We will also continue with the cleaning regime and checks before school.

The arrangements for opening will be as they were for September.  We will stagger the start and the end of the day and also break and lunchtimes to maintain the Year group bubbles.

The timings for collection and drop off are as follows:

Year group

Start time

End time

Drop off/collection point

1 and 2



Year 1 Warsaw- top

Year 1 Rome- top

Year 2 Madrid- bottom

Year 2 Budapest- bottom

3 and 4



Year 3 Ankara- top

Year 3 Kathmandu- top

Year 4 New Delhi- bottom

Year 4 Canberra- bottom

5 and 6



Year 5 Cairo- top

Year 5 Nairobi- top

Year 6 Ottawa- bottom

Year 6 Lima- bottom




FS London- FS area

FS Paris- FS area


We will look to reduce the times between year groups if possible and would ask that you adhere to the following requests:

  • Please do try to wear a mask where possible when collecting and dropping off.
  • Please maintain 2 metre distancing from other families on the playground. This also includes not speaking to the teacher face to face as this is putting them at risk. 
  • Please arrive on time and collect or drop off your child promptly.
  • Please do not allow younger siblings to play on the equipment of run around the playground. If this does happen, we will ask that you wait outside of the playground and we will escort your child to you at an agreed location.
  • Please let us know by telephone or email if another person is collecting your child.
  • Please do not send your child to school if they have a high temperature or cough. This will cause us to contact you and ask you to take your child home to obtain a test.
  • Please park responsibly (not double parking or blocking entrances to houses) and do not stay in the parking space longer than necessary.  

Your child will need to wear school uniform for school but we do appreciate that sizes may have changed over the last few months.  If this is the case, please do let us know by writing a letter to your child’s teacher. 

We will be providing school dinners as usual and so you are able to book these in the normal way.

Please do book Freddies Club if you require them to care for your child throughout the week. To do this, you must email freddiesclub@fairfields.hants.sch.uk.

Finally, we are really looking forward to seeing everyone in school on the 8th March.  If you have been advised to shield by a medical professional, please do contact me via admin@fairfields.hants.sch.uk so that we discuss how we can support your families. 

Best wishes


Miss Kelly Dillon