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14 September 2020 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

You may have seen our school featured on the BBC news this evening.  As a Headteacher, I rarely complain about our Government's decisions.  At present I am concerned that there are difficulties getting a test which could jeopardise the safety of our school community.  
At present we are not considering closing as we have only one staff member isolating pending a test result.  Please be reassured that I am recovering from a cold and not COVID 19.  I have sought advice from Public Health England and am able to return to work.  I have had a challenging weekend trying to obtain a test as have a lot of families. This in turn had prompted me to contact the BBC.   I felt it necessary to speak out about a National problem that so many of my colleagues are facing in silence.  I do now hope that something will now be done to protect school communities.  
If we do need to close in the near future, I will inform you as soon as this is being discussed.  I would never inform you via the National Press.
Thank you for your continued support and I do look forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Kind regards
Miss Kelly Dillon