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Update on bubbles and other things!

12 June 2020 (by admin)

Dear Parents,

This week has been really settled and we are now in a good routine at school.  Thank you to you for dropping off and collecting at the correct time – we rely on this to help to keep the bubbles safe. 

As a reminder for those who are regularly late:

FS children drop off at 8:40am, pick up at 3pm

Year 1 children drop off, pick up at 3:10pm

Year 6 children drop off at 9am, pick up at 3:20pm

Keyworker drop off at 9am, pick up at 3:15pm

We have also merged some of the bubbles in the school to allow for additional pupils to attend.  We have spoken to parents of identified children who will attend school from Wednesday onwards from Year 4 and 5.  If your child’s bubble has been affected, you will have received an email. 

As time goes on we are hoping to be able to offer more places to our pupils to help prepare them for September.  This will be reviewed each week alongside the Government’s guidelines.  Please do not contact the school unless you are a critical keyworker. 

To be defined as a keyworker, your employment must be critical to the Coronavirus Pandemic as defined in the original government guidance.  We expect that some parents may have changed employment during the last few months and now be classified as this. 

We would also like to remind parents to let us know if they are experiencing financial difficulties.  We may be able to offer some assistance through the food bank or through other charities that have contacted us.  You may even be able to claim for online vouchers if you are now eligible for free school meals.  Please do contact us via email or by phone. 

Finally, we want to be able to offer a ‘Swap Shop’ of uniform at the end of the school year.  If your child has outgrown their uniform, please do send it into school.  We will wash it and create a ‘Swap Station’ at the end of term for parents to replenish their uniform ready for September. 

This will be a free service for parents in recognition that the next six months may be financially challenging.  This does include shoes and trainers in nearly new condition as we will sanitise these as well.

Thank you for your continued support and have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Kelly Dillon