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Survey to parents on the re-opening of the school.

20 May 2020 (by admin)

Dear Parents/carers,

Thank you for the enormous support we have received over the last few months, especially in the last few days.

Thank you also to everyone who was able to attend the Zoom sessions on the reopening of the school.  Your feedback has helped to adapt the plan so far and will continue to do so following the results of the survey.

Please could I ask that you complete the survey to let us know if your intention is to send your child into school?  The link for the survey is here:


You will only need to complete one survey per family.  Please add all of your children’s name on one survey.  There is a comment box at the bottom if you wish to add more details. 

The survey will close at 9pm this evening.

I will then review the responses and adapt the plan accordingly.  The final plan will be sent to you on Friday afternoon.

Thank you again for all of your words of encouragement, they have kept us motivated.

Best wishes


Miss Kelly Dillon