Other activities

Here are some other activities that you could try:

Art and Crafts

Other Educational


1. Design a poster for a school Banner to thank the NHS - deadline 5th May click here for more information.

2. NHS competition to do a piece of Creative artwork: painting, drawing, temporary street artwork, performance, video or slideshow OR
Creative writing: a story, song, poem or thank you card.

The deadline for this is the 19th June.  For more details click here.  

3. Road Safety - read the newsletter and create your own stop animation to share with the Road Safety Team.  Click here for details.



We have signed up to Numbots as well as TT rockstars. Both programmes use the same login. Years 3-6 already have logins to these.

Years 1+2 now have logins.

username = first 3 letters first name and first 3 letters surname.

Password = initials.

ie: child: Percival Stelling   username= perste password= ps


Music and Audio

Music activities for KS1 and KS2.

 Keep Calm and Make Music - Weekly Wonder - You got rhythm KS1 + Lower KS2.pptxDownload
 Keep Calm and Make Music - Weekly Wonder - Grab the rhythm Y4 - Y6.pptxDownload
 Keep Calm and Make Music - Weekly Wonder - Raindrops - YR+KS1.pptxDownload
 Keep Calm and Make Music - Weekly Wonder WW2 - The Blitz - KS2.pptxDownload
 VE DAY Home Learning Pack (LW).docxDownload
 Keep Calm and Make Music - One Hit Wonder Workshop - Give Me Courage.pptxDownload
 Weekly Wonder - Journey to the Moon KS1.pptxDownload
 Weekly Wonder - Man on the Moon KS2.pptxDownload
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Online Library

Log on to the school online library.

Username= first name. second name  Password = library1

You can choose up to 2 books to read online. Available through website access or by downloading the app.

This is a new set up for Fairfields...please bear with me while I solve any start-up issues.


Computer Coding