See below for some of the mindful activities we have tried in school. Have a go at them at home and share them with us in our Wellbeing Wednesday assembly.



Use an old empty plastic bottle and put some glitter or sequins in the bottom. Some people have also used a bit of food colouring and/or oil in their bottles to create different effects.

Next, fill your bottle to the top with water, and put the lid on tight. It is useful to then sellotape the lid on so that it does not come loose.

Shake your bottle and watch all the colours mix and move around. Concentrate on watching your bottle settle, and watch all the glitter fall to the bottom as you breathe and relax. You could do your mindful breathing whilst you are watching your bottle. 


Have some time to relax and breathe whilst you carefully colour intricate patterns and pictures. There are lots to choose from online, and you can even buy books of mindful colouring in the shops.

One way you can create your own mindful colouring is to get a pencil and draw lots of swirls and lines on a plain piece of paper without taking your pencil off the page. As you overlap the lines, you will create spaces to colour in. The more loops and swirls you draw, the more shapes will appear on your page. Then, when you have finished, colour in carefully the shapes you have created in different colours. It will make a great picture, and hopefully help you to feel relaxed too! 



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Yoga is a great way to relax and unwind. It can help you to feel calmer and happier, as well as helping you to grow stronger. 'Cosmic Yoga', which you can find on YouTube, do fantastic little videos to introduce you to some of the yoga positions. Try having a go using the link below: