How we teach your child mathematics


There will be 3 demonstration maths lessons taking place for parents of children in years 3, 4 and 5 at 9 a.m. on Monday 17th June.  Please feel free to attend in 5W, 4R or 3D if your child is in one of these year groups.  We will be learning written and mental methods for the four rules.

Mathematics at Fairfields

At Fairfields, we understand the importance of mathematics and strive to build our children’s confidence in the subject. We use the Abacus scheme in school and the children all have an Abacus login so that they can access the games and activities at home.

We value reasoning in mathematics and have chosen children from each class to be our reasoning ambassadors. We ask our children to explain whenever possible to build the depth of their understanding in the subject.

We want children to enjoy mathematics and last year held three successful maths days involving all of the children in the school. In the autumn, this took the form of a video treasure hunt. In the spring, we all dressed up in costume and did Wild West mathematics! Our summer maths day was based around the World Cup and children won golden tickets to a special match on our school field.

We understand the value of fluency and are committed to help our children to learn their times tables. We use the website TTRockstars and all children from years 3 to 6 have a login for this. We encourage the children to use it regularly to practise their tables and improve their rock status. We want as many Rock Heroes at Fairfields as possible! We also hold regular ‘Battle of the Bands’ challenges that become very competitive and reward those who have worked hard on their tables.

Please feel free to click on the links to attached files to find out more about mathematics at Fairfields.


 TTRockstars User Guide                Fluency in Mathematics 

Meeting for parents autumn 2018.pptx                   

Response to maths survey

Meeting for parents KS2 calculation methods

Videos for parents of our children completing calculations.