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18 March 2020 (by admin)

Dear Parents and Carers,


We have had a rise in the number of pupils being isolated at home over the last two days.  This is a mixture of pupils isolated for medical reasons, due to other family members being ill and out of choice.  


Although we do want to try to provide education for all pupils, from today onwards, teachers will not be able to provide learning at home as well as teaching and marking for pupils in school until the school is officially closed.  If you are in isolation, please do use this as an opportunity to work on topic homework, reading and also TTRockstars.


Today 130 out of the 406 children are absent from school.  Please can I urge people to only isolate if needed.  It seems that it will be a long period of time when we are forced to isolate and I am concerned about the impact it will have on morale and general well-being. 


We are committed to providing education and normality for as long as possible.  However, we are unable to sustain the workload associated with copying and preparing work to take home each day alongside teaching pupils who are still attending school.


Thank you to our whole school community for continuing to work and provide support where needed.  


Kind regards


Miss Dillon