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Library consultation

2 February 2020 (by Vicky Hopkins (vhopkins))

You may be aware that there is a consultation procedure in process at the moment regarding the possible closure of some of Basingstoke's libraries. On explaining this to the children through school council, they decided to share their thoughts about why the libraries in Basingstoke should not be closed, and Elisa and Lili used these ideas to write a letter which we are sending to the council, and to Basingstoke MP Maria Miller, to share our views. 

As a school, we access the library in town on a regular basis to support learning, and many of our families use the library after school, at weekends and in holiday time too. The libraries not only provide access to books, but to a range of other resources and workshops/classes. If you have time to give you responses about the library closures, the consultation is open until 18th March and can be found online at: