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Weekly Update 30

15 July 2022 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

It has been a week full of mixed emotions.  The Year 6 pupils have had their final week in school this week.  This is full of sadness as we will miss their energy, humour and everything that they bring to the school.  Their production on Tuesday and Wednesday was a showcase of their teamwork and we are so proud of them all.  Thank you to all of the parents who supported the parade in the playground today- It was all very moving!

We are also sad to say farewell to Mrs White, Miss Redgrave and Mr Carter who are moving on in September to their new positions in schools. 

Alongside this, we held the last of the Stay and Play sessions for our new Foundation Stage today.  They have already shown a high level of engagement and we look forward to them coming to the school in September!

The Open Evening on Thursday was well attended and all of the teachers enjoyed saying goodbye to their current parents and meeting their new ones!  Thank you to everyone who came and especially to the Governors who supported the event with refreshments. 

We would also like to offer congratulations to Sarah Leaford who was proposed to by her partner Steve in the playground at lunchtime today!  Sarah and Steve have been a huge part of our school, running Boot camps, teaching throughout the lockdown and now energising our lunchtimes each day!

Level 4 Heat Health Alert

We are due to have extremely hot weather on Monday and Tuesday next week.  We understand that some schools have made the decision to close, but at present we will be open.

This decision has been made following the guidance from the DFE in their blog: https://educationhub.blog.gov.uk/2022/07/14/advice-for-schools-and-other-education-settings-during-a-heatwave/

Within this they state, 'We are not advising schools or other settings to close. Individual leaders are responsible for managing their own local circumstances. They should refer carry out risk assessments in line with government guidance on looking after children and young people, as well as those in early years settings during heatwaves. This includes the use of ventilation, closing classrooms that are too hot, keeping children and young people hydrated, avoiding vigorous physical activity, encouraging children and young people to wear loose, light coloured clothing and sunhats with wide brims, to use sunscreen, and providing them with plenty of water.'

We believe that the transition for our pupils is important and want the week to go ahead to prepare them for next year.

If you are concerned, we will be offering the option for parents to collect their child at 12:30am from the main school gate once they have eaten their lunch.  Please complete the following form to let us know that you will be collecting your child.  We will bring them to the school gate at 12:30.


The Year 6 pupils will be on their residential trip and will have ready access to shade.  Activities will be adjusted to take into account regular rest breaks and to avoid heat exhaustion.  We will contact parents immediately if a child becomes unwell. 

Police Visit to Fairfields

Miss Thompson, a previous member of staff, will be visiting the school on Monday in her new role as a Police Officer.  Please do not be alarmed by the presence of the police vehicle on the playground.  This is part of the curriculum for our younger pupils. 

COVID Update

We seeing a rise in the number of cases of confirmed cases in the school as the weeks go on.  If you do experience symptoms, please do stay at home until you are well.  We will continue with regular hand washing, ventilation of rooms and following guidance from the health protection team if someone does test positive. 

Open Day at the Mosque

We have received information about the Open Day on Saturday 17th July between 11am and 3pm at the local Mosque.  Please see the attached picture for more information.

 Finally, have a wonderful weekend and do take time to rest and prepare for a busy and hot week ahead.

Miss Kelly Dillon