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Weekly Update 24

13 May 2022 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

I just wanted to say a well done to our year 6 pupils who have completed over four hours of testing this week!  We have been impressed with how focused they have been and thank you to the parents for supporting them leading up to this. 

We are now in the process of assessing pupils in writing.  This is assessed separately through the work they complete in class.  This year we are being moderated by the Local Authority to check that our judgements are in line with national expectations.  This is part of a cycle of schools who are chosen each year. 

Year 2 pupils will now begin their tests over the next two weeks.  These are less formal and act as a way for us to check our judgements. 

For the rest of the school we are continuing to assess pupils and work up to the phonics screening check for Year 1 pupils and multiplication check for pupils in Year 4.  These are due to take place in June.

Jubilee Big Lunch – 27th May 2022

Please see the separate letter with information about the Big Lunch planned for the 27th May in the afternoon.

Super Citizens

Congratulations to our Super Citizens who have been nominated this week.  We are so proud that our children continue to show the Core Values.  The children nominated were:

Rana in London

Kayaa in Paris

Sophie in Rome

Zoe in Warsaw

Bence in Budapest

Layla- Rae in Madrid

Akshita In Ankara

Isabel in Kathmandu

Pragathi in Canberra

Daniel in New Dehli

Kwaku in Cairo

Fatma in Nairobi

Cody in Lima

Owen in Ottawa

Finally, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sun when it shines.

Miss Kelly Dillon