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Penny Challenge

10 May 2022 (by Vicky Hopkins (vhopkins))

A few years ago, we held the Penny Challenge which was a great success, and great fun. As a fundraising event this half term, the House Captains would like to do this again. Next week, every morning before school on the playground, we will have house team buckets on a table. Children and adults will be invited to put any coins into the buckets. Copper coins put into each bucket will be added together to create a total for each house team, but any silver coins are subtracted from each of the teams buckets- so the aim of the game is to be strategic about which bucket you put your copper or silver coins in to ensure that your house team wins! The house captains have asked for the winning team to have an additional non uniform day, and the money raised will go towards the playground improvements. If you have any loose change and would like to join in, please bring it along and see us by the canopy on the playground each morning next week.