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Weekly Update 18

11 March 2022 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

It has been another positive week for everyone in the school.  We had our annual Local Authority review on Tuesday and it was noted that the pupils were highly engaged in all lessons.  We were commended for the energy and creativity of the teachers in the lessons, which is fantastic!

We continue to have no additional cases of COVID in the school which is also very encouraging.  Perhaps we can begin to feel a sense of normality again!

We would like to gather your views on how we can continue to improve the school.  Please follow this link to share your views.  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/59NCZRW

Any feedback we receive will help to make our school brilliant! 

PTA Team Recruiting

The PTA ( Parent Teacher Association) is looking for a new volunteer team. The goal is to help with fundraising to improve the learning environment, at Fairfields Primary School, through fun activities and events.   The PTA will foster a spirit of local community by keeping parents up to date with any news or activities; so that we can build a strong and friendly working relationships between parents and teachers in order to support our children.


Why is PTA important?

To help provide  better resources which would not be able to be funded through the main school budget.  The government only allocates a certain amount of funding to the school so the PTA steps in to help with extra funding.

Past projects the PTA has helped to fund:

PTA supported these items to school:

  1. Sarah’s Garden
  2. Lockers
  3. Playground benches
  4. Outside Hut and climbing equipment.


The PTA supported these events/activities:

  1. Bags2School
  2. Winter Fair
  3. Easter Trail
  4. Bake sale
  5. Summer Fair
  6. Disco party


Here are the roles that we are recruiting:


  1. Chair (This position can be split between two people if you want to work together)

- Co-ordinate with the teachers to arrange events and activities

- Setup and run the PTA half termly meeting.

- Setup the calendar of events termly/annually

- Oversee parents and teachers running events and activities

- Manage PTA section of school website, Facebook page & post Jotter notices.


  1. Treasurer

- Reconciles the bank, approve the spend prior to events

- Organize how to collect payments: cash/card/QR code. Try to request to use contactless.

- Manage PayPal account (QR code)

- Manage Zettle account (Contactless payment)

- Bank account (Manage & Retain minimum bank balance to cover paying out to setup events)

- Submit  Annual return to Charity Commission

- Pay annual lottery license (May £20)

- Ensure ParentKind membership renews

- File Lottery return after any raffle where tickets are sold in advanced.


  1. Secretary

- Minutes meetings

- Send out notices of when meeting are.

- Post to school website, Facebook page, School Jotter


Please email admin@fairfields.hants.sch.uk if you would like to apply for one of these roles. 

Year 4 pupils must be supervised before school

Please note that only children in Years 5 and 6 are allowed to be left unsupervised in the playground unless parents have contacted us to make special arrangements.  We have had a few incidents where children become upset or hurt in the year group in the morning.  Luckily, another parent helped the child in the absence of that child’s own.  Staff are not on the playground until 8:50am and parents should stay with their child until this time or until the teacher arrives. 

Comic Relief – Friday 18th March

We are really looking forward to the talent competition, which will take place next Friday morning.  The event will be in aid of Comic Relief.  All children are invited to dress in red or wear red accessories on Friday.  We will be collected donations at the gates in the playground. 

Holi planning group

We are looking for any parents who are able to help plan some activities to celebrate the festival of Holi.  The activities will take place after school on Monday 28th March.

Please email admin@fairfields.hants.sch.uk if you are interested in helping.

Super Citizens

Congratulations to our newly nominated Super Citizens!

Aminah in Foundation Stage

Henry in Foundation Stage

Amani in Year 1

Aadhvik in Year 1

Alexis in Year 2

Jay in Year 2

Khadija in Year 3

Naila in Year 3

Maya In Year 4

Freya VK in Year 4

Lilianna in Year 5

Corbyn in Year 5

Emma in Year 6

Tolu in Year 6

These children have been incredibly respectful and have shown our Core Values.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Miss Kelly Dillon