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Weekly Update 17

4 March 2022 (by Vicky Hopkins (vhopkins))

Dear parents and carers,

It has been a fantastic start to the term and it is so great to hear about everything the teachers are planning for the pupils in the school.  So far, we have only had one case of COVID in the school with a member of the administration team.  We have had no positive cases with pupils since returning to school.

World Book Day - 3rd March 2022

Thank you so much for all of your support with World Book Day. The children's costumes looked fantastic and they really enjoyed celebrating the day. Throughout the week, all of the children were visited by a virtual author and completed a short activity with them.   Year 5 and 6 have taken part in an illustrator workshop; which they loved.

On World Book Day, each year group adopted an author and the children took part in activities around their texts. The activities ranged from creating their own book covers, writing book reviews to creating their own origami birds that featured in their book.

The children have done so well and we really hope that it has encouraged them to read more often at home. We are starting our sponsored read now and would love for as many of you to take part as possible. Good luck! 

Response to Ukraine

The assembly on Tuesday helped to share the facts about the current situation in Ukraine.  Children in Years 1, 2, 3 and Foundation Stage looked at the location of Russia, Ukraine and England.  We talked about why there was an argument between the two countries and that people in Ukraine are leaving because of this. 

Children in Key Stage 2 talked in slightly more detail about the conflict, including the reasons behind countries seeking to invade another country.   We discussed governing rules and why a person wouldn't leave their home if their life was being threatened.  We also finished by talking about misinformation and how to avoid bias.  I am so proud of how our children have responded and how maturely they are talking about latest news. 

Penelope, a child in Year 3, wanted to raise some money for the Red Cross, helping people affected by the War in Ukraine.  She has decided to litter pick every day on the way to school this term and to ask for sponsorship.  If you would like to sponsor her,  please visit:  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/matthew-pinto1

Year 6 Bikeability

Bikeability takes place each year as part of our drive towards healthy living and safer cycling.  The Year 6 pupils   We would like to commend the persistence all of the children in Year 6 this week.  Especially the non-riders who have been incredible.  Through their constant practice and determination, they were able to ride their bikes more confidently by Thursday.

The Instructors commented on how respectful the children were.  They said that our pupils were confident and sensible on the roads.  Well done to the Year 6 team and also to Miss Rees for taking the pupils who needed more support.  Please see attached a few of the photographs from the week.  

Dates for your diary

Spring Carnival - Friday 8th April

We are planning a Spring Carnival in the school to celebrate the end of Spring Term.  The event will take place outside in the playground and will involve all classes performing to parents and other pupils in the school.  Parents will be invited to attend the afternoon from 2- 3:00pm. 

Jubilee Big Lunch - Friday 27th May

We have moved the Big Lunch from the 4th June to the 27th May in the afternoon which is in term time.  We are still in the early stages of planning the event but parents will be invited to have a special school lunch with their child and take part in a range of activities to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. 

School Council will be organising the event and more information will follow soon. 

Art competition

School Council have organised an Art Competition for the school to raise money for the playground.  Please find attached the poster with further details.  The competition is for adults as well and so please do enter.  The entries will be available to view during the Spring Carnival on the Friday 8th April.

Contact forms

As part of the packs sent home to parents for Parents Evening, we issued you with the contact details we have for you.  Some parents have complained that they have not been receiving emails from the teachers.  For this reason, could we ask that you check the telephone number and email address on the form for the two contacts.  If you have any changes to make, please put this on the form and send it into school with your child. 

Travel to and from school

We have contacted the local council and are developing a travel plan for the school.  This will include a range of opportunities to help with parking at the beginning and end of the day.  We are investigating options of a stop and drop zone, walking bus and additional cycling facilities. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, and the introduction of bubbles, the teachers have met their class in the playground at the start of the day and escorted them out at the end of the day. Now that we do not have bubbles in place we would still like to continue with these arrangements for the foreseeable future for the following reasons:

-       Teachers are able to start teaching as soon as they enter the classroom.  Prior to this a child arriving at 8:40 would have to complete an activity for 20 minutes until all of the children arrive.  The teacher would not be able to begin a lesson until all of their class are present, as the later children would miss the learning.

-       Teachers have more contact with parents.  As the risk of infection is low, parents are now able to pass on short messages at the start of the day. 

-       Teachers are able to support children who are struggling to leave their parents in the morning.  Prior to this, an adult on the door would have to manage children entering the school and also try to support children who are upset.

-       Children are safer when in school as they walk in a line to their classrooms.  Prior to this, children moved in different directions along corridors and up and down the staircase without being adequately supervised.  Teachers were unable to help children in the corridors as they were in the classroom with the children who had already arrived.   

We understand that for some parents this may be difficult, as they need to wait in the playground for 10 minutes to drop an older sibling.  Pupils in Years 5 and 6 can be left unsupervised in the playground to avoid parents of these pupils from waiting as long as they are happy for them to do so.   

Finally, please take time to read the article about Earth Hour  written by our budding journalists Flynn and Noah.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Kelly Dillon