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Weekly Update 12

7 January 2022 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers, 

I hope that you have had a settled return to school and have enjoyed getting back to the routine. 

We have had a calm week in school and are pleased to see how enthusiastic the children are.  It is so nice to see how quickly they line up in the morning and how pleased they are to be in school.  This echoes the message from the DFE about children needing to be in school despite anxiety around the Omicron variant.   

We have received confirmation from the Government today that:    

Confirmatory PCR tests following a positive lateral flow device (LFD) test result are to be temporarily suspended from Tuesday 11 January. This will mean that anyone who receives a positive LFD test result will be required to self-isolate immediately and will not be required to take a confirmatory PCR test. 

This does mean that in the event that you or your family become infected, you will need to contact the test and trace service and take their advice.  For more information aimed at parents and carers, please see the following guidance by clicking here.  We will also require evidence that you have done this and that your child is negative prior to them returning to school.  We are unable to give advice to parents on what they should do as the circumstances can differ between cases and the guidance is constantly changing.

We know that currently there is a national shortage of lateral flow tests and so please do make every effort to order a test kit in the event of an outbreak.   

In school, we will continue to put in place prevention measures for example,  regular sanitising and cleaning, as well as staff wearing face masks in communal areas.

We have reviewed our existing contingency plan, which has trigger points including 5 or more cases in a year group.  If we meet this trigger point, I will contact the relevant agencies to seek advice.  Currently, we are only using children who have been in school to measure this trigger point.   

Please be advised that the current message given to schools is that we must remain open and not isolate unless advised to do so by the Health Protection Team.    We have the following cases confirmed within our community: 


Pupils confirmed positive over the holidays and not in school. 

Pupils confirmed positive since returning to school who have been in school for a limited time. 

Members of staff confirmed positive. 

Foundation Stage 



Year 1 



Year 2 



Year 3 


1 confirmed positive in the last week of the holidays. 

Year 4 



Year 5 



Year 6 



Please do be vigilant and ensure that you only send your child to school if they are well.  If they complain about feeling sick, tired or an upset stomach or have COVID symptoms please support the school community by keeping them at home until they are well.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday. 


Miss Kelly Dillon