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Happy New Year!

3 January 2022 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers, 

Happy New Year!

I hope that you have had a chance to rest over the holiday period and are ready for the new term! Thank you for all of the gifts and cards for the staff at the school and especially the biscuits and chocolates – these were appreciated by everyone!   

We had a successful term with so many things to be proud of and are really looking forward to the children returning.  We know that we may have an uncertain start to the year with unknown announcements from the government, but we will aim to keep everything as normal as possible.  Before we move onto the year, I wanted to look back briefly and celebrate some of the success: 

The Foundation Stage children have settled so well at the school and the precision of the Nativity was astonishing.  Well-done to the team who work tirelessly so that the children have the best start at Fairfields.  

Year 1 have also shown how hard working they are.  It is always a big change moving to a more formal routine, but the children have really shone and are always so excited to show me their work whenever I enter the room.   I am sure that you will agree with how quickly they are making progress with their learning.   

Year 2 have also made an incredible jump in progress.  Their knowledge on the Titanic and the journey across the oceans is incredible!  They were so well behaved and engaged whilst on the trip to the Sea City Museum and I hope that they have continued to relay facts from their visit.  

Year 3 have worked extremely hard on their topic work and really enjoyed their visit to the Roman Village at Silchester.  This was a first for the school and was down to the enthusiasm of the teachers.  

Year 4 have worked so hard on their topic of Conflict.  Thankfully, a dragon has not moved into the school over the holiday period and so we are all safe!  Well-done to the team for providing such rich learning experiences for the children.

Year 5 have really impressed their teachers with their motivation and engagement in learning.  The teachers have commented regularly on the engagement from parents and so thank you on behalf of them.  

Year 6 have already shown how focused they are in their work.  The teacher and I meet regularly to review their attainment and are pleased to see how many children have already been successful in the most recent test papers.  Thank you for continuing to support these children at home.  

We will be returning to school on Wednesday this week.  Our training day on Tuesday 4th January will focus on developing our behaviour policy and also reviewing our curriculum.  

To help with transition at the beginning and end of the school day, we have decided to bring our youngest children into school in the first drop off and the older children in in the second drop off.  Please note of the shifts in drop off and collection times:    

8:40am drop off

3:10pm collection

Foundation Stage in their garden area.

Year 1 under the main canopy.

Year 2 in their usual place on the bottom playground. 

8:50am drop off
3:20pm collection

Year 3 under the canopy

Year 5 bottom playground in their usual place.

Year 6 on the top playground near the table tennis table.  


We will expect that this may take time to adjust to but please make every effort to arrive at school for the time allocated.  At the end of January, we will be formally recording pupils who are regularly arriving or who are collected late to offer support.


Enjoy the final day of your holidays and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 5th January!


Best wishes


Miss Kelly Dillon