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COVID Update

1 December 2021 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

Despite the message sent out on Friday in the weekly update, a number of parents are still standing within two metres of members of staff in the playground to talk to them.  I have asked for this not to happen and will now explain more fully the reason why. 

If you have a confirmed case of the Omicron variant, the member of staff will need to isolate for 10 days, regardless of the vaccination status of that staff member. 

Across the country, schools are facing a crisis with staff absence, unable to get agency cover, meaning that some schools have had to close.  If you come into contact with the member of staff within 48 hours prior to testing positive, you are potentially denying the children in the class their teacher or LSA for the period of isolation.  This may lead to whole classes also having to isolate if the staff member becomes infected as a result of your close contact with them. 

I will now be asking members of staff to be very clear with any parent who attempts to come within 2 metres of them.  They will also take time to get used to contacting parents via email or telephone as opposed to speaking to them in the playground.  Please respect them and look after them as we head towards the end of term.  Mask wearing does not allow you to come within 2 metres of them. 

Please can I insist, that you contact the school via email, phone or put a note in your child’s school bag for any communication.  I have spoken to our office team and asked them to check these regularly.  Please remember that there are only two people in the office and they may time to answer the phone if there are dealing with visitors or ill children.  You are able to leave a voice message which will be checked as soon as they are back at their desk.  They have confirmed that all messages sent to the admin@fairfields.hants.sch.uk are forwarded to the relevant person or are responded to within 48 hours.  If it is urgent, put a note in your child’s bag or give it directly to your child to give to their teacher.  Foundation Stage have a communication book and these are checked as soon as the pupils arrive in school.  We do not need to be told the message verbally as well as in the note. 

If individual parents continue to ignore this message they will be asked to drop their child through the school office where there is a protective screen.  If this becomes unmanageable I will need to work to put in place physical barriers in the playground to prevent parents from coming into contact with members of staff. 

I do know that this goes against our school philosophy of engaging with parents and hope that we can soon return to normal after the winter holidays. 

Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Kelly Dillon