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Electrical Fault update

29 November 2021 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

The engineers have been delayed until after 10pm this evening.  This does mean that the school will not be ready to open safely in the morning for staff and pupils.  This is due to the electrical fault affecting the gas supply to the kitchen and the power to the boilers that heat the school.  Please be reassured that this is not a repeat of the problem experienced last year.  This is to do with the power supply to the school building and is therefore out of the control of the school’s maintenance contractor. 

Once the external electrical fault has been repaired, we do not know how long it will take for a separate engineer to come out to reset the electrical panel on the boilers.  The boilers will then need to be turned on and working for a few hours until the temperature of the classrooms reaches at least 16 degrees.   We legally cannot ask children and staff to occupy rooms below this temperature. 

For this reason, I plan to open the school from 12pm in the hope that all of the issues will be resolved.  Children will need to bring a packed lunch into school with them.  We will have macaroni cheese for some pupils and this will need to be booked using the Scopay system – this also includes pupils in Foundation Stage, Years 1 and 2 and children entitled to free school meals.   If you are unable to log in to the system, please email admin@fairfields.hants.sch.uk to order a macaroni cheese meal for your child.   

Children should be taken at 12pm to their normal lining up place on the playground.  The teachers will be there to meet you.  They will then take the children into school to let them eat and then have a short breaktime.  Lessons will then take place from 1pm at the latest.  We are giving children lunch in school as we recognise that not all parents have lunch items at home at such short notice. 

Canberra class will walk from the playground to their squash lesson and will have lunch afterwards.  Please can all Year 4 children have a separate pair of shoes in school to walk to the squash lesson in.  They will need to keep their trainers clean for wearing during the lesson. 

I apologise for the need to close the school and this is always as a last resort.  The Site Manager, Paul Mardell is on site this evening to ensure that the external electrical fault is repaired and that we can book in an engineer for as early as possible in the morning.  I will update you if anything changes overnight. 

The teachers will put links onto the website and email them out to you so that your child has some activities to complete during the morning. 

Freddies Club will also not be open in the morning and the session will be carried forward to pay for a session in the future.  If you would like a refund for the session, please contact the Freddies’ Club Manager who will process this request. 

Yours sincerely


Miss Kelly Dillon