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End of year!

23 July 2021 (by admin)

Dear Parents and carers,

We have finally made it through to the last day of the year!

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make the school such a warm and friendly place!  We are so proud of everything we have achieved and this has strengthened our partnership with you and your children.

The sports Day was a huge success!  The children all took part and competed in a number of events.  Parents joined in and cheered for their house team alongside their child.  Thank you to Miss Bradley for organising it and to the staff for working together to create our first ever COVID sports day.

We have also celebrated our budding musicians over the last few weeks.  We are so lucky to have excellent visiting teachers to the school.  We will continue to offer paid tuition for pupils for violin, keyboard, recorder, guitar and ukulele in September.  We will also be looking to reestablish Orchestra on a Thursday morning and starting a rock band with our guitar teacher.  We will confirm arrangements for this at the start of term. 

Thank you to the parents who attended the ‘Meet the teacher’ sessions this week.  I hope that everyone feels as ready as they can be for September.  I know that the children have enjoyed meeting their new teacher and seeing their new classroom.  Over the summer, we will be moving around the furniture ready for the new school year. 

A number of parents have raised concern about enrichment afternoons changing.  Feedback from the teachers over the last two years has been that they have not been able to fit in all of the subjects ,in the depth, they would have liked.  This is largely due to one afternoon a week being used for enrichment activities; not linked to the curriculum.  Our focus from September will be to provide enrichment activities within the timetable and linked to the topic they are learning that term.  This will also include regular parent sessions and showcases!  For these to be successful, teachers need time with their classes to prepare for these. 

Another aim for next year is to provide a wider range of clubs and extra-curricular activities.  This includes running bootcamp with Sarah and Steve each lunchtime instead of one afternoon a week.  We are also in discussions about running sessions afterschool as well.  Tracey will continue to run dance workshops for individual year groups at the relevant time within the PE curriculum as there are other areas to cover such as gymnastics, athletics and invasion games.  We have planned to send three year groups to swimming lessons over the year to catch up on the last two years. 

Rob, our visiting composer, will continue to work with years five and six on musical composition as this is the main focus of the curriculum in the older year groups. 

Please can I reassure parents that creative subjects are high on our agenda and are part of what brings us together as a community. 

Finally, we say farewell to our Year 6 pupils.  It has been a joy to have them in the school.  At the graduation event, yesterday afternoon, I spoke about the honor it is to be part of the lives of so many children.  I can speak on behalf of the staff who have worked with the children to say that they will be missed.  We have grown to depend on some of them for their insight into school improvement, their musical talent, their creativity and also their sharp wits.  They have left behind a legacy and we wish them well in their next school!

Have a wonderful summer holiday and I look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 6th September.  We are still obliged to track and trace until Wednesday of next week.  

If your child develops symptoms please do book a test.  If the result comes back positive please do text the school mobile on 07464191643.

 The message should have the following format: 


 For example,

 Positive Test, Dillon, 01256473886

Terri Hope will then make contact with you to confirm the child’s name, date of test and onset of symptoms.  She will then contact me to send emails to the parents of pupils who have had contact with the affected person.

 Please do not call this number as it will go through to voicemail as the school is closed.


Best wishes


Miss Kelly Dillon