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Weekly Update

1 April 2021 (by admin)

Dear Parents and carers,
We have finally made it to the end of term and thank goodness!
The children have been exceptional in both their behaviour and learning.  We are so proud of their achievements this term.  Today's assembly reflected how energised and motivated they are.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the virtual assembly. 
There have been a number of comments about pupils using electric scooters to and from school.  Please do ensure that anyone riding a bicycle or scooter does wear a helmet.  This is for their own safety as they may damage thier head if they fall whilst travelling at speed.  I have researched the use of privately owned electric scooters and it appears that these are illegal to use in public spaces set aside for pedestrians and also illegal to use on the road.  Please ensure that these are not brought into school.  The link to the guidance is below.

Congratulations to our Super Citizens who have really shone through since our return.  The following pupils were chosen for displaying the Core Values:

Dexter in Foundation Stage
Edward in Foundation Stage
Maleika in Year 1
Zoe in Year 1
Brody in Year 2
Rocco in Year 2
Layceigh- Mae in Year 3
Toby in Year 3
Alex in Year 4
Michaela in Year 4
Avery in Year 5
Lily in Year 5
Shayma in Year 6
Zac in Year 6
We wish you a restful holiday and look forward to seeing you back to school on Tuesday 20th April.  If you do have symptoms and test positive for COVID 19 - please find attached the information sent out in December with details of who to contact.    

Best wishes
Miss Kelly Dillon