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Weekly Update

26 March 2021 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

We are nearly at the end of term already and the holidays are approaching quickly!

We have had a busy week assessing pupils to see what they have still left to catch up during the next term.  We will be running a number of workshops at the start of the next term to help parents understand how they can help at home.  After the holidays, we will also be sending home the results of the test which have taken place this term.

We are now in a position to share the information related to Freddies Club.  Please find attached the booklet for the club.  From the 6th May, places at the club will need to be booked and paid for in advance.

The shops are due to open again on the 12th April.  With this in mind, please can we ask that children return to school for the Summer Term in full school uniform.  We understand that in some cases this may put financial burden onto parents and are asking that parents contact Terri Hope if this is the case.  Her email is t.hope@fairfields.hants.sch.uk.  She will work with local charities and also look through our spare uniform to ensure that your child has everything that they need.

We will put the lost property out in the playground on Wednesday and Thursday for parents to reclaim anything that has been lost.  We would also ask for any donations of outgrown uniform to also be dropped off under the canopy as we will redistribute this to families in the school. 

Children should not wear trainers or their own jumpers to school.  Only the green jumper, cardigan or fleece should be worn.  The green hoodie is for PE only.  Shoes should be black and easily polished. 

Trousers are available from supermarkets and so we do not expect any children to arrive in tracksuit bottoms unless this has been agreed with Terri. 

Please ensure that your child does not wear necklaces, rings or bracelets unless they are for religious purposes.  This does also include neckwear or bandanas. 

Please also make sure that pupils are not wearing nail varnish or hoop/ hanging earrings.

We do need to restore the smart appearance of children who attend the school and so we ask you to work with us on this.  We will be confiscating items from children if they are found with them and returning them to their parents only. 

Finally, we will be holding an end of term assembly next Thursday to celebrate Spring!  Please do join us for this at 1:30pm.  The children will be sharing work from their year group.  This will be an informal assembly and will last approximately 30 – 45 minutes. 

The code for the assembly is: Meeting ID: 945 3680 5072

The passcode it the same as the one for parents beginning with a 7.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay dry!

Miss Kelly Dillon