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Weekly Update

19 March 2021 (by admin)

Dear Parents and carers,

We are in the second week back and have so much to celebrate!  The children continue to show how settled they are since returning.  This was noticed by a Local Authority Inspector when they visited the school on Monday.  He noted the children had sustained their learning behaviour over the school closure.

We have had a great week without any confirmed cases of COVID in the school.  This has been helped by the control measures such as additional cleaning and hand sanitizing.  Please can we ask that children do not bring toys, cards or any other non-educational items into school.  This does include individual fidget toys and birthday treats for the class.  We need to be strict with this rule.  We will contact parents if we believe your child needs a fidget toy or object in school.  To help with this we will also insist that earring other than ear studs are removed.  Long earrings are not to be worn children.  Please also label everything that your child is bringing into school. 

The arrival of the hairball in the playground also caused great excitement and the children.  We have enjoyed hearing about what they believe has been living inside the ball or what has escaped.  Once we will share some of the pieces on the class pages on the website.

Music tuition has also started back at school.  Mr Timms has begun keyboard and violin lessons and Adrian Maycock has restarted guitar lessons. 

We are keen to build up our pool of musicians including woodwind players.  Please see the link below and let us know if you would like your year 3 -6 child to have lessons in school.  https://youtu.be/LPeVid5GCn0

Please email the office at admin@fairfields.hants.sch.uk to let us know if you would like your child to learn a woodwind instrument.  Once we have an idea of demand, we will then be able to calculate the price for each session.   

We have had a concern raised from members of the school community about parents who are not supervising their children before and after school.  Please do be considerate and keep your children next to you.  We will ask parents to leave the playground with their children if they are waiting and are not being supervised.  Please note that we are asking that parents only arrive at the time their child is due to start unless dropping off or collecting other siblings.

Finally, a parent has told us that the police visited their home yesterday evening.  This was following an investigation into grooming of children via chatrooms.  We are aware that many of our older children are using APPs like TikTok and Discord to communicate and share information with others.  Our message through esafety lessons is that this should always be with people that they know.  Unfortunately, the child in question had been exposed to unknown adults, who were able to subtly groom them into communicating with them. 

This is still under investigation and the parent is happy for me to share their tale to help avoid any further incidents.  Please check through what your child is accessing online and spend time with them while they are on their computer or phone.  Remove devices and phones from bedrooms at night so that your child is able to sleep undisturbed. 

If you are concerned about what your child is accessing, please take time to check the APP using https://www.net-aware.org.uk/

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you back to school on Monday.

Best wishes

Miss Kelly Dillon