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Review of remote learning offer

4 February 2021 (by admin)

Dear Parents and carers,


It has been a busy couple of weeks for everyone at home and at school.  The children continue to work with incredible motivation and I am so impressed with the what they are producing each week.  I have started to take screenshots of the work during assembly on Friday and this is now on display in my office.  It makes me smile every time I see how proud they are.

Last week we heard from the Department for Education that schools would remain as they are until at least the 8th March.  This was not what we had planned for the new year.  Please believe me when I say how sad we all are that we cannot have the school open for the community.

I am acutely aware that as time goes on our ability to balance home life and schooling is diminishing.  I am concerned about the well-being and mental health of the whole school community. Mrs hopkins has been working to put advice on the school website and we continue to teach children ways to stay mentally healthy during assembly on Wednesday.

Over the last few weeks we have started to receive angry emails, a few making constructive criticism of the teachers and we have also witnessed parents becoming overwhelmed, frustrated or distressed during live lessons, either on screen or in the background.  This has saddened us all and we desperately want to help to make things more manageable for you.  Many of us are parents and are also experiencing the same pressure.  If we do contact you to offer support, please take this with the kindness that it is intended.    

To help to reduce the pressure at home, and to make the next few weeks as enjoyable as possible, I wanted to review the remote learning offer we are providing.  So far, it has been predominantly via Zoom.  In speaking to colleagues in other schools it appears that they have chosen to limit live lessons and are providing printed work packs or activities via learning platforms, where children can submit photographs of work once completed. Some of the comments from parents has been that their child’s work has not been recognised or that the teacher has not noticed that their child has made mistakes.  In asking children to submit work online, it ensures that all work is looked at. 

This week we have begun having small group sessions with pupils at the end of lessons to provide more personalised feedback as a way of overcoming this.  However, this still has not resolved the issue. 

There are a range of ways that we can provide remote learning and we are happy to review this for the future.  Please could I ask that parents complete the short survey by midday on Sunday 7th February. The link to the survey is: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NQ8FGZY

 I will meet with the Senior Leadership Team on Monday 8th February to review the results and then amend the offer as necessary for the week after half term. 

Thank you in advance and also for all of the support you have provided for your children so far.

Best wishes


Miss Kelly Dillon