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Weekly Update

20 November 2020 (by admin)

Dear Parents and carers,

We have had another great week at the school and have continued to only have negative results from tests that have been taken within our community.

Your child will bring home a pack of work today.  Please do not panic we are not isolating any children but we are preparing for this in advance.  Please let us know if you need anything in the letter translated or clarified. 

This week has been anti-bullying week. We have been learning about the effects of bullying and also reminding ourselves of how our actions can have consequences.  Each class has designed a T-shirt to reflect our anti-bullying ethos.  These were shared in assembly today and Canberra won the prize for the best design.  Well done Canberra!

Thank you to the parents who attended the accessibility meeting on Tuesday evening.  We will now be putting a plan together and will share it with you.  One immediate change will be that my letters will now have any actions or main messages put in bold.  This will help you to scan the letters if time is limited. 

We have received a certificate from the Food Bank to say thank you for our donations during Harvest Festival.  The donations equated to 466 meals!

Over the Summer some pupils in the school took part in the Library Summer Reading Challenge.  The children who completed the challenge will receive a certificate and medal in today’s assembly.  Well done to:

Jay Govind, Oliver Alphonso, Rory Hewlett, Zoe Mooney-Preston, Abhinav Sumith, Khadija Mir, Naila Fatima Sohel, Alexander Lober, Sophia Lober, Emily Heatherwick, Aarav Rana, Carla Alphonso, Clara Pretty, Edward Pretty, Franco Meng, Isabel Barker, Aarini. 


If you would like to encourage more reading at home, we have bought into a service with the School Library Service.  This can be accessed by following the instructions on our website or by clicking on the Zoom tab and then looking at the ‘Other Activities’.


Congratulations to our new Year 6 House Captains, Harry W, Bethany, Punit and Karthik who will be helping to keep us together despite us being in separate bubbles.   


We have also elected our new School Council members for each class:

Warsaw: Ruth

Rome: Jessica

Madrid: Rory H

Budapest: Rory S

Ankara: Ishwari

Kathmandu: Alexander L

New Delhi: Emily S

Canberra: Alice

Nairobi: Cody

Cairo: Samiyah

Lima: Cassidy

Ottawa: Saahil


These children will be helping to drive the school forward alongside the staff in the school.


Finally, thank you for everyone who has shown support to the school.  I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the staff working in the school.  Many of us also have our own anxieties, family members who are alone and hospitalised or are coping with bereavement or family members isolating.  I am very lucky to have a wonderful team around me who are committed to the school and to providing education for our pupils.


Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Miss Kelly Dillon