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Weekly Update

9 November 2020 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers

Welcome back to school!  Last week was an interesting week for all of us especially with the announcement of a further lockdown.  In essence, things are the same for us in school.  As yet, we have not had any positive cases in school.  We see this as a result of the effort all of us have put into keeping everyone safe.  We will keep you informed if this changes. 

Thank you to the parents who are keeping their children with them before and after school.  Please can everyone be mindful that allowing your child to run around is not adhering to the social distancing rules.  I understand that this is difficult when you need to wait for multiple siblings but please can everyone take responsibility for their own children and keep them next to you and not allow them to play with other children in the playground.  There are a number of parents who are trying to manage their own safety and children running around can increase their anxiety. 

This week we are raising money for two causes; Children in Need and The Royal British Legion.

We are asking parents to donate £1 to Children in Need on Thursday and in return children can dress in spotty outfits or fancy dress.  Please can we ask that children do not wear pyjamas as this could be seen as not very hygienic (depending on whether they have been worn through the previous night as well).

We have been saddened by the restrictions on selling poppies this year and have created our own way to raise money for Royal British Legion.  On Wednesday 11th November, at school drop off time, we will be creating our own giant poppy in the playground.  This will be created out of your coins.  These can be either copper or silver coins.  The aim will be to place them on the stage area, near the canopy, for us to make a giant poppy.

Once this has been created, we will then bag up the money and take it to a bank to donate to the Royal British Legion. 

We hope that everyone can donate at least one coin.  It can be any coin.

Please remember that school photographs are this Friday.  We apologise that we are unable to take sibling photographs due to the logistics with COVID restrictions.  The main problem is opening up the bubbles and this meaning that we would have to deep cleaning in between each photograph.   I hope you understand that this would not be practical.

Finally, we would like to thank all of the parents who were able to take part in the virtual Parents’ Evenings last week.  The teachers enjoyed meeting you and also sharing what your child has achieved since returning to school.  Please do let us know if you need a device or computer so that we can support you further with this. 

Have a wonderful week!


Miss Kelly Dillon