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Use of Proteus Creation Space as an extension of our school site.

4 November 2020 (by admin)

Dear parents and carers,

You are aware that there have been changes in how we work with our local partners.  Since the announcement on Thursday, we have reviewed many of the offsite visits and the use of professional artists who teach children during Enrichment afternoons and also individual music lessons. 

Many of the activities have been changed to in-reach experiences.  We also ensure that all visitors to the school are:

  • temperature checked
  • hand santitised
  • wearing a visor and remain socially distanced whilst working with a group.

Visitors also complete a declaration to say that they are well and have not been exposed to anyone with COVID symptoms. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons we have been making use of the hall space in Proteus Theatre.  This is to help maintain social distancing in school and has meant that we have been able to continue with dance and drama activities alongside a longer lunch period.  We would not be able to serve hot lunches if this was not the arrangement. 

Proteus theatre have completed their own risk assessment for us to use their premises.  The main thing being that they clean the premises before and after we use them, including the toilets.  We are the sole users of the theatre during the two afternoons and so there will be no members of the public present.  They have assured us that we can continue with this and this helps us to be able to serve hot food from the main hall for the longer lunch period and also deliver the full curriculum.  We pay a weekly rental fee for use of their site as an extension of our school.

We have since planned a trip to Proteus to watch their pantomime for pupils in Foundation Stage and Year 1.  As a theatre company they have offered for us to have this virtually, in our main hall or at Proteus’ main hall.  As we are currently using this as an extension of our school space for two afternoons a week anyway, and we have no space in the school due to hot dinners being served, we have made the decision for the performance to take place in their hall as opposed to ours. 

To clarify, this will be the use of their space to host the theatre group instead of using our hall and not being able to serve hot dinners for this day. 

I will insist that the procedures for visitors to the school as outlined above are in place at Proteus.  I will also insist that the hall is cleaned before each group enters.  We will be the sole users of the hall as the theatre is closed to members of the public. 

If you are concerned about this, please do contact us through the school office.

Kind regards


Miss Kelly Dillon